Feeling feminine (or not)

Do you ever just feel so ridiculously unfeminine…. I’m 90% sure sometimes I’m less feminine than most men. I strive to be a Love Island preened beauty yet I’m more like Onslo from keeping up appearances! (See picture) Does a beauty regime have to take a bank loan and more products than the local beauty […]

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Bzzagent Flip’n’dip review

This is the first review I have written knowing that I dont like a product. Usually i’m fairly easily pleased and try and see the good in either the product or the flavour.  Philadelphia flip & dip is a new concept whereas you open the packaging and release the sauce via a little strip on […]

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One year blogiversary

 I started writing this blog a whole year ago! It seems like it’s something I’ve always done! I started writing to coincide with no junk July 2016, and it snowballed from there! In the last year I’ve reached over 100 countries and had close to 50,000 views, and enjoyed almost every second of it! I […]

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