Happy International Cat day!

To Holly (and our neighbours cat Bonnie) who both fully accept they deserve a day to celebrate how well they have trained their humans! They expect to be worshipped and brought offerings throughout the day!  Happy international cat day to you and your fluff balls! Love Sooz x

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Holly the house cat

Why is Holly a house cat? Generally when you say house cat to some people they imagine that she is trapped in a tiny room with no door or windows and no access to the outside world, and that her life is entirely miserable. I’m sure many of you who follow Holly on both this […]

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Happy Monday!

It’s a dreary, yet ridiculously warm day here. I finally feel back on top of my social media and my emails! *Hurrah*  So to start the week, here are some photos of flowers and Holly! Lets start the week on a positive!  Have a great week!  Love Sooz x

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Happy Caturday!

Our Saturday is all about playtime and chilling out! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep your eyes peeled for a link to my first ever Contribution Guest Post! I’m nervous and excited all in one!  Love Sooz xx

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