Primarks beauty products 

An honest review from a blogger who doesn’t have eyebrows on fleek or a clue what to do with half of the products on sale. As the title suggests, I am useless. At the grand old age of 30 I still have no idea what I’m doing and marvel at people who do. I rarely […]

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Social media- losing my way. 

Social media is really hard, especially when your as old as me (ha ha..oh god I am old) Instagram and their algorithm, the do’s and don’t software social media which changes depending which one you’re on. Whether you ask for freebies or not, how. Any followers you have, who has unfollowed you and who blocked […]

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Sugarplum Sparkles on Instagram, got me thinking about this (if you don’t follow her, you should, click on her name) What is perfection? Who gave us the concept of perfection? Why do we hold ourselves to unachievable ideals? Why do we hold others to the same ideals? Why must we appear perfect? Why can’t we […]

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