Why couldn’t she stay?

A girl I went to University with sadly took her own life in August. Since then she has played on my mind. We were friends, we went to lectures together, but we weren’t close. We kept up and commented on each other’s Facebook and other social media, I hadn’t seen her since 2010/2011. You might […]

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Where have I been….

I haven’t really been keeping up with social media as much as maybe I could have, my Instagram isn’t filled with inspiration and my blog hasn’t really been posted on for a while. A few weeks ago I realised I had put on just over a stone and a half (21lbs) I’m mortified, I knew […]

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Primarks beauty products 

An honest review from a blogger who doesn’t have eyebrows on fleek or a clue what to do with half of the products on sale. As the title suggests, I am useless. At the grand old age of 30 I still have no idea what I’m doing and marvel at people who do. I rarely […]

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