Social media- losing my way. 

Credit: Steve Cutts

Social media is really hard, especially when your as old as me (ha ha..oh god I am old)
Instagram and their algorithm, the do’s and don’t software social media which changes depending which one you’re on. Whether you ask for freebies or not, how. Any followers you have, who has unfollowed you and who blocked you.

 Reading all 3,406 emails and only one of them was important, or at least you hope it was only one, your eyeballs started to burn 2,010!
How often to post, what to post, how to word it, how many hashtags to use, how many times to advertise a blog post, who even gives a flying fuck about my posts??
More to the point why do I even care?

Well, I care because I love seeing what other people post, and I love them seeing what I post, I like interacting with people that I can’t interact with in real life, I also like that I don’t get the anxiety from talking to people online, and if I do, I just don’t need to open the page.

I like that I can show people ideas, as well as get ideas from them, that I can put in a hashtag and find hundreds if not thousands of ideas. I can write about the absolute shite that pops into my brain and find someone who thinks the same thing. People who appreciate our rather spectacular cat, and my cooking which can occasionally resemble cat sick.

Despite all of the good points social media can be painful and sometimes a chore, it’s like mean girls at times. I recently came across a blog which is solely for the purpose of being horrible about other people, oddly It’s a strange guilty pleasure, I don’t understand how people can say such things, but then I realise everyone needs a place to vent, and not everyone on social media is nice, or posts things that are inspirational, they use their children for money or free things, and they put out so much information about themselves, their lives and other peoples lives online. 

Does that leave them open for other people to have an opinion? 

Although the phrase ‘if you ain’t got nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all’ springs to mind, where does having an opinion and disagreeing with someone begin and trolling someone end?

Why do I like getting likes, comments and keeping my follower count up? Purely ego, it’s nice when people like your life, it almost gives you a false sense of entitlement. ‘People must like me’ it pours a little bit of self worth into the pot. While may happiness doesn’t solely depend upon social media, I know that a chunk of it does. If someone said something bad, it would make me feel sad. 

If I saw my name on the website above I would feel really sad about it. Maybe that shows me that I shouldn’t be reading it, as I am contributing to the problem. Is it nice to see someone saying they don’t agree, in a world where everyone is so bloody positive all the time?

Social media, is becoming a part of everyday life, but is it easier than real life?

Food for thought. 

Love Sooz x


16 thoughts on “Social media- losing my way. 

  1. I think social media is replacing real life for far too many of us. Sadly, I think it’s because it’s easier to manage than real life. And my manage, I mean “massage the truth” of our realities, especially in America. I hope we grow out of it.

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  2. I think social media is like that movies Surrogate with Bruce Willis, don’t get me wrong social media is more of a blessing than it is a curse to me, but instead of it being a way to share your life and empower others it has become more of a way to portray a life to others that you really don’t have. No one puts the bad parts of their life on social media, only the part that is appealing to the eye making it seem like they live a “perfect” life which makes the next person want to do the same.
    Great blog!!

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  3. I enjoyed your post! But I don’t think the world’s so positive😅 At least in my own experiences and what I see on the news. That’s why I created my blog. Your definitely right how social media gives people a false sensation of being liked. Especially from those so called, “pranksters”. Those ppl are just basically a$$holes…hoodlums, but in today’s times they’re “funny”.😒😑😑 You are right! Social media is a great place to vent!

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  4. Thank your for giving such an honest opinion on social media! it was a good read 🙂 A key question
    that stood out for me is “Why do I even care?” I guess there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep tabs on people that we care about or are interested in. However it could have negative implications such as constantly checking and rechecking social media to keep updated. This could lead to an addiction to social media or low self esteem / anxiety from being heavily focused on others’ lives and comparing yours to theirs. I’m currently campaigning for healthier social media use with the aim to reduce people from feeling unnecessary pressures from this activity. Feel free to check my page out 🙂

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  5. LOVED this. I personally am not a fan of social media because I feel that it highlights how narcissistic we are, at the same time its sort of a necessary if you’re trying to start a blog/idea. Love your perspective and humor about all the do’s and don’t haha.

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