Ronald the shop cat part 3 – Moving house

Ronald had a strange feeling, a feeling that he couldn’t quite put his paw on, a feeling that something was amiss but he didn’t know why or what it meant.

Mr and Mrs Berry had been putting lots of things in boxes and a new sign had been put outside of the shop , but frustratingly Ronald had no idea what it said.

Ronald thought all of the boxes were his to play in, they smelled a bit funny, like old food, but they made a rather comfortable bed, every time Ronald fell asleep, Mrs Berry was there moving him so she could put an ornament or some dusty books! ‘Honestly, the cheek of the woman’ thought Ronald.

Ronald huffed and decided he was better off sitting on his wall outside. He waited for Mrs Lingtree of Iris Heights, and her chicken, that was the highlight of his day. Recently though even she had seemed sad when she was talking to him. Ronald was worried.

He knew that if he worried too much, he would get bladder stones and cystitis which was the most painful thing in the world, well except when two rather precious bits of him went missing one day after a vet trip. Ronald didn’t remember much about it, but he did remember that he was a few grams lighter!

Ronald saw all of the usual suspects slouching up and down the street, some dropping things into the Berry’s, Ronald thought people were supposed to buy things to take away…maybe that’s the change. He wondered suspiciously.

Mr Colpepper of Lily Lane, popped by and gave him a a friendly wave, which was very rare.
Mr and Mrs Berrry hadn’t been out for a while to get supplies, and the big green van that brought the cold things hadn’t arrived either. Ronald sat on the wall looking puzzled. The room with all the tins was looking astonishingly empty, and the cold cupboards were bare.

Ronald couldn’t find his favourite mouse, or his scratch posts, he searched and searched. Ronald decided to stay underneath the sofa, until whatever was going on had finished. Then, the sofa moved, two big black pairs of boots appeared “ahh there he is, Ronald, into your basket” said Mr Berry as he roughly pushed him in.

Ronald sat in his basket staring, wondering what was going on, had he behaved badly? Was he ill? He didn’t feel it. Mrs Berry said something about a new home! NEW HOME, but I like this one, ‘I didn’t sanction this kind of change’ thought Ronald, how dare they! He meowed as loud as he could to voice his concerns but to no avail.

Mr Berrry picked up his basket and stepped outside to a big cheer and applause, Ronald by this point had decided that if meowed loud enough, someone would hear. So he continued. From the shop to the car, and then once in the car, he decided he best conserve his energy and take a nap!

It took forever for the car to stop, and Mr Berry unloaded him. Ronald went into a house, well, it was a small house, it only had one bit, no chasing spiders up the stairs he thought.
Mr Berry opened his basket, and Ronald stepped out.

‘Eurgh this feels funny on my toes….
What is that smell?
Ooooh there’s my scratch post
And my favourite mouse…’

But Ronald just wanted to go home.
He missed the smells and his daily routine. His friends and his wall.
Maybe he could walk there? Leave the Berry’s to it, and he will meet them back at home, he thought,a strolling towards the door.

“Ah ah ah” said Mrs Berry ” you have to have a few weeeks indoors to get used to it, sorry Ronald” in her silly sing-song voice.

INDOORS, IN-DOOOOORS, he spat, what kind of cat does she think I am?!
Ronald was miserable, he hated being inside, and no matter how politely he asked, he was not allowed out. He decided he would find a bed to sleep on, just to make the most of the place, whilst he was staying, but once he was allowed out he was never going back, not ever!
Ronald decided that’s sleeping was the best way to pass the time. Until one day he heard noises, and voices, and music, there was food, FOOD! Smells like chicken drumsticks and…. cheeese and sausages! Ronald thought he better investigate!

As he plodded through expecting to see people he didn’t like, but food he did, he caught sight of someone he recognised, Mrs Lingtree, and Mr Colpepper, Mrs Smith and her children -he was almost happy to see them!

Everyone he saw when he sat in the wall were in his house, Mrs Lingtree promised she would still see I’m every day, and bring him chicken.

Ronald was warming to this new house malarkey quite quickly now.
The next morning Mrs Berry opened the door, Ronald was suspicious,it smelled funny, but thought whilst she was watching him he would sit on the wall next to the gates, Mr Colpepper walked by ‘Morning Ronald’ with a quick ruffle of his fur. Then Mrs James screeeching down the road, with two children on scooters, maybe she left one at home by mistake he thought, until another one rounded the corner on a small bike.. ‘great’ he thought, no such luck! Then his favourite friend, Mrs Lingtree, rounded the corner, he thought he should go and greet her, so she felt welcome and would come back tomorrow.

She hadn’t brought chicken… she had salmon! ‘Salmon’ exclaimed Ronald, he couldn’t contain his purr enough to eat it as fast he wanted, it wasn’t the dry tinned stuff either this was the real McCoy, the full monty, the big time, FRESH SALMON! It was nicer than the trout after his previous vet visit!

They said their goodbyes and both promised to see each other the next day.
After that Ronald didn’t think moving was so bad after all, if only someone had told him about it first.

He waited on the wall every day, for his friends to visit, maybe being a shop cat wasn’t all that. Retirement was looking pretty good for Ronald.

The end

Until next time.


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  1. Barbara says:

    Lovely. Thank’s Sooz beautiful story.

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