Happy International Cat day!

To Holly (and our neighbours cat Bonnie) who both fully accept they deserve a day to celebrate how well they have trained their humans! They expect to be worshipped and brought offerings throughout the day! 

Happy international cat day to you and your fluff balls!

Love Sooz x


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  1. swabby429 says:

    Random Kitty thanks you.

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  2. The Boys of the House thank you for mentioning the day honoring them, although, as they bemoan, every day should probably be International Cat Day.

    BTW, they think Holly and Bonnie are purrfurly gorgeous. Cheers

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  3. Daaww- so cute! My fluffy little idiot is so strange- he’s so obsessed with stealing bananas that I’ve had to hide them in a cupboard with a hair band around the handle (to keep him from pawing his way in!)
    I love how strong cats’ personalities are!

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    1. Haha that’s amazing! I’m grateful Holly is very rarely a thief!


      1. You’re lucky! Pompom is a Kleptomaniac! He has a stash of stolen goods under the bed, but his favourite things to steal are sponges, bananas, headphones, plastic bags, receipts and pens

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        1. Holly steals food off plates if they’re left alone. That’s all I can think of! Ooooh and hair bobbles! She will leave them in random places!

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          1. She sounds well behaved for a cat! Pompom will literally fight you for your food (to be fair, he’s only 8 months so I’m hoping he’ll grow out of some of his behaviours!)

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            1. Ahh Holly is 13 so she has had a few years extra to learn the rules!

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  4. manyofus1980 says:

    Happy international cat day to holly! ❤ xxx

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