Holly the house cat

Why is Holly a house cat?

Generally when you say house cat to some people they imagine that she is trapped in a tiny room with no door or windows and no access to the outside world, and that her life is entirely miserable. I’m sure many of you who follow Holly on both this blog and on her Instagram know that nothing could be further from the truth! 

Once a cat is an outdoor cat it is very difficult and stressful for the cat to try and turn them into a house at, however, Since he day Holly was born behind a freezer, L decided that she would be an indoor cat only for two main reasons, L previously had a beautiful male cat named Tom, who went out probably more than he was inside, she got him when he was already middle aged, but one day he didn’t come back, and never has. This cemented the idea, along with the numerous cats that go missing daily in our area, due to living in  a place where the scum of the earth think it’s ok to shoot and murder cats a built up estate and some people not being as fond of cats in general. The decision was made.

Wherever we have lived Holly has had an outdoor space, whether that be a balcony, a garden or just a patch of grass! Holly grew up with a wonderful German Shepherd as an example, and took on many dog traits, she growls, barks and understands commands, that includes walkies, Holly knows to wear a harness and lead for her  to take us for a walk, and is much more comfortable going for a walk than being allowed to roam.

Whilst I cannot voice the advantages of having a house cat enough, I fully understand it is not for everyone, and the training period is hard work, Holly wasn’t born knowing that windows are dangerous when they are two floors up, or knowing the outside world. She doesn’t understand other cats, even though she now has one friend who lives next door.

Some people have asked about her natural hunting instinct and if it is suppressed by her being a house cat. The short answer to that is no. The longer answer is, she’s scared of her own shadow that whilst indoors she catches flies, spiders and has a never ending supply of toys and catnip. Her outdoor hunting has only ever surfaced once, she caught a baby sparrow that was hopping around the ground, she cuddled it and cried until we popped it back in it’s nest.
L and I have a few exotic pets, ranging from fish, to geckos, to snakes, to bearded dragons and tarantulas. It has always been important that Holly knows that if something did ever escape, even if it’s just the bugs that we feed them, then she leaves it for us to get. As we don’t want her or the other animals getting hurt.

I am incredibly aware of how lucky I am to be owned by have a cat like Holly, and know she is in the minority when it comes to be this stubborn and insolent obedient and wonderful.
If you are thinking of having a house cat, make sure you do your research and choose a breed of cat which is suitable.
I’ve popped a few links at the bottom of the post!
As always…

Love Sooz and Holly. Xx




22 thoughts on “Holly the house cat

  1. Lovely post Sooz. I also adore cats and have two elderly sisters. They were both trained to a lead in the early days and ran like puppies whenever the drawer was opened where their leads were kept. I applaud the work you have put in with Holly and she has such a happy life. I also think people who don’t like cats are people I wouldn’t like at all.

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  2. Thank you for stopping by my place. Yes, I do agree that introducing a cat to being a home kitty is best. Our Cassie was for several years, and then she was out, and it was over. Our neighborhood is pretty safe, but there just isn’t a lot of animal lovers out there. I pray that Cassie left peacefully. Have you seen the little kitty sun rooms that are extended from a window? They are a great idea. Lots of room for kitties and plants while they get a bit of fresh air and weather. Lovely meeting Holly…she is a beauty!

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  3. I am 100% in favour of having cats be indoor members of the family. Mozzy, now 15y3m old, was 7 weeks when he came home with my youngest daughter – off the busy streets of Nanning, China. Yes, China. We lived in a large apartment, 3 bedrooms so lots of space for play. He once got out when we lived in a 21 storey building in Shanghai. We searched for 20 days before he was found. He still thinks outside is a place to explore – until he gets there. To cats the hallway out the front door is a new place. I would have liked to provide a secure outdoor space but it just does not seem possible; these days when he makes a dash for the balcony door it is often a sign he is feeling alright vs. slowing down.

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  4. Zero used to be an indoor/outdoor cat, as he had a pet door and several acres of safe land away from neighbours and roads. when Brian and I moved into our first apartment together, we would often leave the door open to let him out as he pleased. but when we moved here to Minnesota, we can no longer do that due to having a balcony. granted, he has a pet door that allows him to go out on the balcony. but it’s not the same for him. and he’s grown wearisome of being trapped indoors all the times. as such, I try to take him on walks outside upon occasion.

    but yes, it’s very difficult for a once outdoor cat to switch into an indoor one. :/

    also, Holly sounds fantastic, and that last photo is amazing!

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  5. hello holly its dennis the vizsla dog hay my noo kitty brother and sister ar howse cats too they like to klime in their cat tree and luk owt the windo at the birds and the skwirrels and wotnot but they hav not ever ben owtside becuz we do not hav a sayf playse for them maybe sumday they wil but for now they seem to like feeling the breez thru the skreens!!! ok bye

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