I rarely talk about L, on social media. That is an important choice she made not to be present on social media, and I respect that. However, what I don’t say, is how proud of her I am. She has significant health issues, yet she will donate 8inches of hair to the little Princess Trust Charity twice a year, as she knows her hair grows so fast and she can’t manage it being long. Before she has the operation. She wants to donate the next lot of hair (just in case).

She’s having her tonsils out to try and improve her breathing etc…as they are bloody enormous and cover most of her throat, I am beyond terrified for her and selfishly for me. 

 L’s little sister and I were sitting in the waiting room as my anxiety won’t let me go home, until she is either coming home or gives me the ok, I’m terrified she won’t make it. Thinking of my life without her, is mental torture. 

We had a big breakfast, wandered around Morrison’s and wandered around the grounds of the hospital in a bid to both keep are minds and bodies occupied.

I don’t remember a time, when the prospect of losing L was quite so present.  The thought of Holly without her Alpha Mum, it makes every bone in my body hurt. 

It will be another 4 hours until she can come home, unless she has to stay in throughout the night, which we fully prepared for. 

The what if’s of my imagination are running wild. I’ve raced ahead and I am scared that this will be the time that my usually ridiculously anxious thoughts won’t be too far fetched,  won’t be ridiculous, but will be true.

It’s times like this I realise how much I take her for granted. How much time we spend together, but I’m on my phone. I always just expect her to be there, The strong one, the problem solver and the one who will help anyone as much as is possible.

After numerous recovery room selfies, showing her at various shades of grey (watching the news channel will do that to you, let alone a tonsillectomy) she was allowed home with a bag of medication and some rather fetching socks to combat dvt. The operation apparently took longer than expected!

On Saturday, we noticed a small bruise beginning on L’s foot, thinking it was probably ‘just’ an injury (she bruises quite easily) but by Sunday it was clear that her leg was swollen and painful, along with her throat getting worse (there were blisters and goo) and she was struggling to breathe. By this point internally I was having a heart attack, whilst packing an overnight bag ready!

We went to our local A&E and were triaged quickly, and moved into the majors unit, then a flurry of blood tests, x-rays, painkillers and antibiotics! 

After almost falling asleep and eating my weight in fibre ones, we were moved to AMU, where there were some really poorly people! A junior doctor came and examined L, and wrote notes for her boss. Who pronounced a severe infection in her throat which was emphasising her other symptoms. So off we went with antiobiotics and L in a hospital wheelchair as I tried my very best not to skid down the fairly empty corridor like a mad woman on the loose! 

By Wednesday things weren’t any better so next stop was our GP who prescribed strong antibiotics and some even stronger painkillers. All liquid versions! The doctor used to work on ENT and said it was the worst he had seen! I’m not sure if that’s impressive or not!?

I never thought her recovery would be this bad, unless you’re a five year old with balloon tonsils, I would recommend leaving them in (and I had mine out at 20yo) or thinking about it incredibly carefully!

I think this recovery will take a lot longer than the two weeks, but I’m hopeful we are on the right track. At least for the recovery from this operation, everything else is a never ending story! 
Love Sooz x

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  1. She will get better. 🙂

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  2. Hey Sooz, i can’t really ‘like’ this post as it’s so awful. Poor L. You’ve got to be the strong one now, at least for a while. Best wishes to L and I hope she recovers quickly and hugs to you my dear. 🤗💜

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  3. kwenzqoatl says:

    I send my best wishes, as someone who has been a regular at hosptitals I can understand just how much of a scary expirience it can be.

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  4. manyofus1980 says:

    oh my sooz this sounds like a nightmare, I hope she’s ok now recovering nicely! xo

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  5. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    Wishing L a speedy recovery! Poor thing!

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  6. Hugs for you and a speedy recovery for little L!

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  7. Wish her a speedy and complete recovery

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  8. Belinda says:

    Best wishes for L. Get well soon! ❤

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  9. I assume L is not a kitty if you were careening down a hospital hallway with, I gather, L in a wheelchair. However, sending kitty hugs and purrs because that always works for me.

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  10. Sounds really quite nasty – hope L is getting better! It is so easy to take people for granted, we are all guilty of it sometimes so don’t beat yourself up about it x

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