When a negative brings so many positives…

Happy Sunday!

You may or may not have noticed, I have been missing for a few weeks. My phone broke, which prompted a full social media hiatus!

I enjoyed every minute of not being online. Without realizing or had come to a time where social media and I had fallen out of love. I was looking at numbers rather than interaction and I couldn’t sleep without reaching that perfect number.

Now I’m back I feel refreshed and less bothered by numbers. I want to post good things!

Things I noticed with no phone

  • slept better
  • I watched a full TV show
  • I played with Holly more
  • I enjoyed the birds singing
  • I didn’t wake up and check my phone
  • I didn’t pretty my food up for pics
  • I had more conversations
  • I watched less TV
  • I relaxed in the bath
  • I read the back of the air freshener in the loo
  • I read real books
  • I watched the news & weather on TV 
  • I didn’t do things just so I could take a picture

Whilst it was a wonderful break and it did show me how obsessed I was becoming, I’m grateful to be able to write again and have somewhere to write my lists!

Would you cope with a sudden social media break?

Love Sooz x


17 thoughts on “When a negative brings so many positives…

  1. Gave up on social media on and off for over a year, now I don’t have any smart devices stealing away my attention and my time. I check things when I want. I’d recommend going notification free as much as possible, maybe start with Sundays / weekends then whenever you can. 🙂

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  2. I’m glad you’re back, and that your absence was phone related rather than health or the dreaded “unforeseen circumstances.” My phone broke recently and I ended up carrying two old phones around with me, one that worked for calls and texts and one that worked for my apps! Perhaps I should have taken the opportunity for a social media detox! Xx

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  3. The air freshener bit made me chortle! Glad to have you back 🙂 I have breaks from social media from time to time, still trying to work out exactly how to make it all work for me in a way that suits me. Funnily enough I wrote a blog post on it this the other day!

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  4. Good to have you back. I periodically take breaks from Facebook and don’t miss it one little bit. I go out for more walks and take more photos without having to ‘check in’ anywhere or look for somewhere with free wifi and it’s great. I use instagram to look at art that interests me more but I have no desire to be online 24/7 anymore and check things when I can be bothered 😊❤️ xx

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