When a negative brings so many positives…

Happy Sunday!

You may or may not have noticed, I have been missing for a few weeks. My phone broke, which prompted a full social media hiatus!

I enjoyed every minute of not being online. Without realizing or had come to a time where social media and I had fallen out of love. I was looking at numbers rather than interaction and I couldn’t sleep without reaching that perfect number.

Now I’m back I feel refreshed and less bothered by numbers. I want to post good things!

Things I noticed with no phone

  • slept better
  • I watched a full TV show
  • I played with Holly more
  • I enjoyed the birds singing
  • I didn’t wake up and check my phone
  • I didn’t pretty my food up for pics
  • I had more conversations
  • I watched less TV
  • I relaxed in the bath
  • I read the back of the air freshener in the loo
  • I read real books
  • I watched the news & weather on TV 
  • I didn’t do things just so I could take a picture

Whilst it was a wonderful break and it did show me how obsessed I was becoming, I’m grateful to be able to write again and have somewhere to write my lists!

Would you cope with a sudden social media break?

Love Sooz x


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  1. abhiray59 says:

    Ability to see positives in all situation makes a good human being g.

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  2. David says:

    I took myself off Facebook after the USA 2016 Presidential Election. I haven’t missed it one bit.

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  3. Hm, I’m guilty of many of those things on your list. Maybe I need to go without SM for a while?

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  4. Rogue_5 says:

    I’m not on FB anymore and only use Instagram and even then it’s not a post a day! Social media is becoming a blight on society in my opinion!

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  5. Barbara says:

    Interesting to see so many people are leaving facebook, I have contemplated doing the same several times. I don’t think I would miss it. Glad to see you back.

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  6. carolynl1983 says:

    I love taking social media breaks. I’ll delete FB off my phone from time to time just because it gets annoying.

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  7. Good for you! I hate being “plugged in” 24/7…it’s just not natural. It prevents me from being fully present.

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  8. Welcome back!! Sounds blissful, I may just have to break my phone 😉

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  9. Gave up on social media on and off for over a year, now I don’t have any smart devices stealing away my attention and my time. I check things when I want. I’d recommend going notification free as much as possible, maybe start with Sundays / weekends then whenever you can. 🙂

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  10. I wondered where you had gone. Glad everything is ok.

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  11. SalAA says:

    I’m glad you’re back, and that your absence was phone related rather than health or the dreaded “unforeseen circumstances.” My phone broke recently and I ended up carrying two old phones around with me, one that worked for calls and texts and one that worked for my apps! Perhaps I should have taken the opportunity for a social media detox! Xx

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  12. The air freshener bit made me chortle! Glad to have you back 🙂 I have breaks from social media from time to time, still trying to work out exactly how to make it all work for me in a way that suits me. Funnily enough I wrote a blog post on it this the other day!

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  13. Great post! I am just starting this blog stuff, so it’s a bit comforting to see a seasoned blogger write about taking breaks. Thank you 🙂

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  14. Good to have you back. I periodically take breaks from Facebook and don’t miss it one little bit. I go out for more walks and take more photos without having to ‘check in’ anywhere or look for somewhere with free wifi and it’s great. I use instagram to look at art that interests me more but I have no desire to be online 24/7 anymore and check things when I can be bothered 😊❤️ xx

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  15. Alysha Marie says:

    I love our camping weekend’s for this reason. Unplug and reconnect.

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  16. Nkeoma DND Agu says:

    I think we all need planned social media breaks once in a short while. 13 things!

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  17. Social media breaks have so many benefits that we often overlook them. I’m glad you got to unplug even for a short time!

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  18. Most often, checking social media is like opening a refrigerator numerous times knowing full well it doesn’t have much in store for you, an addiction of sorts. There was a time when we took solitary walks, played games (be it indoors or outdoors) with friends, met up with actual people; today, most are contended with doing these things ‘online’ – online games, online tours, et cetera.
    People just can’t keep their hands off their phones. For example, when I meet up with friends, I notice them going for it every few minutes; even when we’re speaking! (A friend of mine is so addicted to social media, she jolts awake at night when her phone pings.)
    I think internet is a double edged sword. Say, you use it to check your symptoms, it will never substitute a doctor with a degree and years of experience.
    Like most things in life, it’s about balance. Internet does have its advantages.
    So, in this generation of ‘fast life’, social media, and sharing, we could use a break. There’s a big world out there, and most of us probably won’t even witness a fraction of it.
    All things happen for a reason. Negatives can bring good things. Glad yours worked out for you.(:


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