Squirrels, nuts and sunshine! 

A day squirrel feeding and enjoying the sunshine… 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Love Sooz. X
All photos taken on a LG K8 phone. Instagram filter lo-fi used only.


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  1. Laertes says:

    When I looked out my window first thing this morning there was a squirrel who was startled by the sudden motion of my curtains opening!

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    1. How dare you open your curtains! Haha! X

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      1. Laertes says:

        It was all very perfunctory; the overlapping of the squirell’s personal narrative and my own was a climax all of its own.

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  2. Really good photography: you’ve got an eye for good angles! 🙂 xxx

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  3. Fab photos. We have red squirrels over here on the ‘small island’ and are one of few places left in Britain where they still thrive. My daughter calls them ‘squizzers’ which is such a cool name 🙂

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    1. That is a cool name! I’ve never seen a red squirrel before! X


  4. amybelle1 says:

    What very uplifting post! And beautiful photos. Amy x

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  5. breathtaking photography taken out of “the middle of the life” and yet not the mainstream things usually shared on social media. love , love the squirel close-ups, but also the scenic shots of the serene park. you have proven the eye for the moment, which is a huge quality in a photographer . congrats and thank you for your generosity in sharing. It is a bit like visual vacations! #StrictMotivation

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  6. Sar says:

    They’re so cute!!!

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  7. stallingsy says:

    Beautiful scenery getting in touch with nature and you will get connected to the universe. A squirrel walking across our balcony. Pictures next time

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