Guest blog illustrations…

For my guest blog, I did some illusillustrations , which due to editing,  didn’t make the cut… So here they are! 

If you haven’t read my guest blog post yet… 

It’s here… 

Guest Blog!
Have a lovely Sunday! 

Love Sooz x


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  1. PurpleOwl says:

    Love the drawings, shame they didn’t put them on the guest post.

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  2. Coach Hami says:

    That guest post! Was it cruel to laugh a little? I’ve been overweight too so recognised myself in a few of those. Btw do you allow for guest posts? I recently moved to WP and my blog has been growing here quite rapidly, 9,9k pageviews this month. Check it out and see if you’d think our audience would match!

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    1. Not at all! Humor is so important to highlight struggles! I have never had a guest… But I’m more than happy to have one. If you email me a few topics at

      Love Sooz x

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  3. M. says:

    Turnstile drawing = AMAZING! What’s even better is that’s what 95% of us look like going through turnstiles. Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know. I get stuck in them, every. damn. time.

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  4. Excellent post and what an artist you are! Number 20 just topped it all off beautifully. Thanks for sharing Sooz,

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