Where I’m at now…an update!

I started this blog in July 2016 to mainly catalogue my weightloss. That very quickly changed and my blog is really a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ and I am happy with that being the case.

I haven’t really talked about my weightloss/gain as much lately, as it has been on the backburner.

I put weight on over Christmas and kept on the feast mindset until around March. Since April 1st (this year) I’ve lost 2 stones and 2 pounds.I have no idea how or where it has come off, I’ve checked the scales still work and moved them around the room! Just to check!

I haven’t been particularly focused on either my weightloss or my mental health for the last few months. More of a floating dandelion clock sailing idly through between kitchen renovations and travels and appointments!

Life does seem to have an awful habit of getting in the way,doesn’t it?

But I know I need to be cooking proper meals, with vegetables,snacking less. Hopefully there will be more exciting recipes for you guys to try!

Proper sleep is something else my body needs.If I can and want to have a lie-in why not?

I think over a short period of time I have become more relaxed about getting things done.If it’s not urgent, then it can wait!

Maybe when I don’t focus, results are better?

So in short…

April has been a good month!

March was bloody tough!

Hopefully I can make some time for blogging a little more regularly again and then there will be no need for an update!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thankyou for reading!

Love Sooz x


43 thoughts on “Where I’m at now…an update!

  1. Hiya, thanks for liking my cat rehab page. Well done on the weight loss so far. As you’ve probably found, it is about getting the attitude to food and exercise right. Once you get into the habit of exercising it actually becomes difficult to stop.
    I was a ‘largish’ chap (and had been diagnosed T2 diabetic at 40) so I embarked upon a weight loss diet and exercise programme of my own making 5 years ago. I was 125kg at my peak and dropped to 92k within about 5 months (and surprise, surprise, blood sugar levels dropped back to normal, big link with weight). I’ve put a bit back on since then and sneaked up to 101kg ,but put my plan back into place in Jan this year and I’m now down to 90kg (6ft 4ins tall, so not too bad). I recently wrote down my diet/exercise regime (regime sounds bad) for a friend Sounds like you have your own plan in place, but happy to share with you if you want. Might be something you can take from it. It’s word documents. Fundamentally it’s low fat cooking (e.g. slimmer’s world recipes), daily cardio, no bread and no snacking!

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  2. The ups and downs of dieting are well known to me and i take my hat off to you for your commitment and perseverance. Winter is just around the corner hdefpre in The Land Down Under and comfort food binging looms large for me.
    I’ve convinced myself to walk, walk and walk whenever the comfort food demon strikes. I hope to shed 10lbs by the time summer comes around again.
    Thanks for setting me back on the right track.

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  3. Wow Sooz, that’s fantastic weight loss for April. Definitely worthy of celebration.
    I read your post about your visit to Newcastle the other day, I was really struggling with my anxiety that day and couldn’t string a comment together. I think what i wanted to do was send love and sympathise at those who love us and mean well getting things so spectacularly, unintentionally wrong. I hate that it made you feel bad and dented your confidence. I’m glad to see this post and hope your confidence is back up again. Xx

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  4. I keep meaning to visit your blog and today put it on my ‘to do’ list. U are doing so well,my friend. My belated thanks goes out to you and the others who ‘like’ my posts regularly….means a lot to me and keeps me striving towards the keto lifestyle. Hugz🌸💝

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  5. Keep on, stay focused, face your fear and you´ll make it I am sure. You already took the biggest hurdle putting yourself out there. If you need any suggestion on what to do when the shit hits the fan so to say feel free to contact. You´re doing an amazing thing for you and others by inspiring them. Keep going! Aho!


  6. Awesome to see so much will and determination. Congratz. Its inspiring. Ive had years of different clothing sizes myself. Ups and downs. And putting on weight always seemed a lot easier than losing it lol….but it starts with will power right. I took to the gym last year and lost about 15kg. Since then my life has suddenly gotten very busy again. But luckily a friend of mine shared a secret with me. So i found a way to still knock off centimeters every month and getting my body back. Im so excited with what i am seeing i cant help myself. A few other friends also have been having tremendous results. In the end looking good does help us feel that bit more positive and confident. Do im very greatful.

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  7. This post was so good to read! I’m currently trying to shift weight before my prom on the 30th June and it’s going quite well! Your transformation is so inspirational! Keep going! Your gonna make it! 🙂

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