Home is where the pug is… Animal Accessories! 


Nicola (@home_is_where_the_pug_is) and Chester are an incredibly stylish twosome. Holly is always admiring Chester’s style!


Chester is a Four year old Pug and has a wardrobe which rivals most humans. He shares his Mum’s Instagram with pictures of his adventures and his outfits.


With his owner Nicola,  I found him on Instagram, and I love not only seeing her vintage style and beautiful home which is so inspiringly gorgeous.  But her photos of Chester. He always looks so happy!


Nicola began a pet accessories business on Etsy making custom bow ties, harnesses and leads etc… With themes such as Batman, Pokemon or just plain cuteness!


Whilst they can be for dogs, they could also be for cats. 

Unfortunately due to some immature and downright abusive competitors Nicola has decided to close her shop, but there are still some absolutely amazing products to be had.

So why not pop over,treat your pet and show her and Chester a bit of love!

Shop Instagram

Etsy Website


Love Sooz x

I have written this because I not only adore Chester & Nicola, but because I Believe small businesses should support each other…and dogs and cats deserve to look fabulous whilst still being comfortable


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  1. Barbara says:

    I saw a lady wearing a sweatshirt today (it is cool in Melbourne today) which read, “Either you like Pugs, or you are Wrong”. It did make me smile. Of course who could not love that face.

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