Why cant we say the word P****D?

I love any period related honesty…as you guys already know!

Give this a read!

Love Sooz x


Lately during my late night blog searching, internet stalking and newspaper reading, I have come across a very confusing subject. Why can’t anyone seem to call a period a period?

In a world where we are happy to call each other the most vulgar names referring to our most private parts why can’t we say the name of something that we all know happens to most women once a month!

So I am going to do something radical


There, one for every month of the year. Now whilst I am not going to update my various sources of social media when I am on my period, I am going to continue using the word as I can’t fathom out what the worlds problem is.

When I have eaten a whole bar of galaxy chocolate (mega size) I might even write…

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  1. Julietsbeautydietandreviewpage2016 says:

    I use the word period all the time!!! Ha ha hate it when people say star week? I was like wtf is a star week ha ha so yay for the word PERIOD!

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    1. Haha! I think I’ve used every euphemism under the sun! Now I’m like PERIOD! blood angrily gushing out my fannnnnny! Sorry! Xx


  2. cherilyndoes says:

    I say period. 🙂 I had friends that called it shark week. Uggh, seriously. 🙂

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  3. People are so ashamed of the word. I don’t understand why. It’s perfectly natural :/

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  4. This is a great point. Let’s take back the period!

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    1. it’s an easier word to digest than “menstruation.” At least when a lady asked me why I didn’t make it to self defense class a few weeks ago, I didn’t squirm for once. I just said “Aunt Flo showed up.” Nothing else. I say period sometimes–not around my dad because he’d go into seizures. But I’m okay saying it for the most part.

      At least, now I’m getting better at saying Period. But I just realized I used “heavy flow” when I wrote my question for the ladies blog post: https://thechattyintrovert.com/2017/02/08/013-question-for-the-ladies-how-the-hell-can-anyone-exercise-with-a-heavy-flow/. I think I only used the word twice. Wow. talked around it but, didn’t use it much for such a long post. Huh…

      Yeah, it’s crazy that we don’t use it. It’s not a horribly scientific word. My euphemisms were always “heavy flow”, “TOM” (time of the month), Aunt Flo. It’s also not an offensive word, it’s very matter of fact.

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  5. Graham says:

    From a man’s perspective, I don’t see why the word ‘period’ is offensive to anyone. The word seems to encapsulate what it means perfectly without being crude in any way whatsoever. By contrast, I have noticed before now, that for the word ‘penis’, the technical word somehow seems ruder than its slang terms…not sure why that is really but people seem to have to say it in hushed tones. 😄

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  6. I love to get vulgar with my alternate word selection. it seems the one that gets the best reaction is “VAGINA VOLCANO”. 😀

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  7. Had proper laugh at this!

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  8. I think saying period can be whispered but saying ‘I have a problem with my period’ is a no-no which sucks when you have a problem…. I wish more people spoke openly about menstruating … or not. I am glad that I don’t in a way as I’ve not needed feminine hygiene products since 1999 or missed a gym class! Hahahaha as if I go to the gym! Actually it’s not funny – I don’t bleed but I do get the pain!!

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  9. I second everything about this.

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