Hair removal

I’ve just plucked my nose hair…not something I would recommend , my head feels twice the size but at least the few stray hairs I have seen are gone! 

As long as I have remembered I have removed my body hair religiously. Even before I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) I knew I was hairier than your average Gorilla!

I had hairy legs before other girls at school. I also have incredibly dark hair which makes it stand out. 

From my feet to my scalp every single inch of me is hairy… I have hairy hands, a hairy face,hairy feet, a hairy tummy,a hairy chest and a hairy bum! Society and the media has always conditioned me to think that to be a lady,I should be hairless and have the smoothest skin. I’m no lady…I’m like a bald hobbit. 

Plucking,waxing (both professional and home), hair removal creams, razors, eplilating, exfoliation pads, sugaring, threading, bleaching and the occasional piece of sellotape when I’m wrapping presents!

 All of it has produced blood, sweat, tears, burns, bruises, rashes and skin removal… Yet I still spend hours doing it. I’ve spent 17 years shaping eyebrows and waxing moustaches, doing yoga to reach nooks and crannies I’ve never even seen.  

Now it’s just habit and I like feeling smooth. Thankfully I’ve stopped being quite so regimented and I care abouy the methods I use. I’ve also learned that hair removal cream either doesn’t work or gives me chemical burns,there’s no imbetween. 

There is a lovely lady on my Instagram who is such an advocate for none hair removal… She dyes it bright colours too! I always admire her! She breaks down norms in so many ways. But then I question why I’m applauding someone for being natural. Being who she is. She should be able to do that anyway. 

As a previous swimmer hair removal was something I focused on. The chlorine always inflamed by shaving rash… My bikini line looked a lobster. I was obsessed with being hairless. I used to shave top to toe daily… Now obviously it’s less. That was unnecessary and probably created more problems.. Not to mention stripping my skin! 

Stopping removing my arm hair was like going cold turkey… It took months before I could deal with it. Thankfully I did as no more prickly regrowth or spotty arm creases! 

If I could advise 12 year old me anything it would be to put that razor down for a few years! 

Having body hair is fine,absolutely fine. It doesn’t make you any less ladylike and boys don’t care if you’ve shaved your hoohah (in my experience). No one looks that closely to see and if they do thats their problem not yours. 

But, do what makes you comfortable. 

Love Sooz x


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  1. obessivereader says:

    YES. Body hair is something you shouldn’t be forced to make a decision on! Personally I HATE body hair on myself so I shave it but I don’t find it appalling if I see someone who’s on the hair side.

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  2. cherilyndoes says:

    Plucking your nose hair? OUCH!! Have you tried a facial trimmer? That’s what I use. No pain with that method. I dislike body hair on myself, but am not bothered or skeeved out by anyone who chooses not to shave. It’s all personal preference, and that understanding most certainly comes with age. 🙂


  3. Barbara says:

    I love your honesty about the things you deal with daily. I applaud you for not being so obsessed about your body hair any more.

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  4. Graham says:

    Great to raise awareness of things like this…and the underlying absurdity of the way such a superficial society has evolved to dictate these ‘ideals’ that everyone should aspire to. Crazy really.

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  5. What an inspiring post! I, myself, am a freak about hair removal, but I am glad to have the whole other side of it brought to my attention. You go girl!

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  6. My human once gave her brother an electric nose hair trimmer for Christmas. He swears it was a torture device! He was only in his 20’s at the time, his nose hair couldn’t have been that bad, right? What’s wrong with her?

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  7. Loving your blog – a refreshing, honest read – keep up the good work x

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  8. Ilze says:

    It’s amaizing how much we are trying to do or trying to be for others. Let it go! Be you!

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    1. neffy93 says:

      I was very lucky to have had very little hair anywhere other than my head. I’ve rarely had to pluck my eyebrows, only ever needed to shave a strip up the front of each calf and do something about the whispy pubes because they were just pathetic and so sparse. Now I’m just on the cusp of menopause I’ve got a few hairs that grow under my chin which really drive me insane and I’m kind of feeling how frustrating it is to have unwanted hair in such an obvious place, I’m super conscious of it and always faffing with it and it seems to be getting worse. Another hairy downside of my age is that my eyelashes seem to be trying to do a disappearing act, I swear i had more ten years ago. It’s true what you say, it’s crazy how we obsess about hair on our bodies, about getting rid of it or shaping it… we’re just so media influenced it’s ridiculous. When pubes were not meant to be taken clean off I used to be very jealous of people who had a good bush and felt very self conscious about my whisps that I had no choice but to get rid of. At nearly 50 you wouldn’t think I’d still be having issues.

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  9. I wax my moustache every 4-6 weeks. I do this at home, super quick and relatively painless. I don’t wax my lady bits and only shade occasionally but always keep trim. In all honestly, I always feel a lot of pressure from society to have a bald hoohah. I feel like we’re made to feel disgusting if we don’t, but I’d personally rather not have a vajayjay that resembles a 12 year old’s bits. My skin is also quite sensitive down there so I can’t stay hair free all of the time. Otherwise I’m quite lucky really and am relatively hair free. I only have to shave my legs once in a blue moon. But yes, there is so much pressure I feel by the world to ensure I don’t have a single hair apart from on my head. Society, huh!

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  10. manyofus1980 says:

    oh man i relate to this i am very hairy too! Its a nightmare sometimes. i hate it! xxx

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  11. Her Majesty says:

    I shave and then like what is natural the hair grows back and then I leave it until I can deal with risking in growns again. I am also very hairy and my legs and arms seem to drive people crazy. I have never removed the hair on my arms and I won’t. I like seeing that there are many of us who feel the same

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  12. charli55 says:

    Golly gosh that would hurt!! I pluck my upper lip and get my eyebrows threaded and that hurts!!


  13. I tend to keep everything clean and smooth too. I’m very particular about it. it’s a comfort thing, for me. so I can relate.

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  14. ollieforreal says:

    I’m glad you’re able to come to terms with hairiness. I used to be bullied for having a unibrow in 6th grade and ever since I had been obsessed with hair removal. started waxing my secret parts at age 12 with regular body wax imagine that lol painful as hell.
    at this point i personally do it for comfort too but lets all say, if all this hair can be shaped into an entity, we’d push it down a volcano to its fiery death. ahem for those who like it that way, that is.

    also I wanted to share with you that I tagged you in a sunshine blogger award on my blog

    if you feel comfortable answering the questions, i’d love to hear what you say! 🙂

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  15. I love the photo of this post. I showed it to my little girl (she’s not yet ten, not really that hairy for my standard and has already been called ‘monobrow’ by a boy at school – at which I asked her, a bit worried, how close had the boy got to her to see it). Being Sicilian, I know all about monobrows, mustaches and hair in unwelcome places. But I have to say that what’s considered ‘acceptable’ varies a lot between different cultures. And I’ve grown up with plenty of lovely women with more hair on their bodies than on their heads!

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  16. LOVE LOVE this! I have a lot of hair too so reading this was nice and knowing I am not alone. More people need to think like this.

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  17. E says:

    I also have pcos and suffer with extra hair, I hate it! However reading this makes me feel more human, I know there’s lots of us out there! Great post!!

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  18. I feel you. I’ve tried it all. And hair removal creams are not for me, I just end up inflamed, waxing doesn’t work so I shave. I’m only 15 yet I spent most of the last three years of my life removing hair and it was only this year that I realised that I really don’t have to. So now I do it every now and then when it gets unmanageable.

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  19. Love this. Not sure if it’s TMI but my hubby actually likes a little hair lol I also really resonate with what you said about applauding people for being natural. We should just automatically be ok with people celebrating who they are vs looking at showcases of authenticity as being a rare act of courage.

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  20. Love this💜 i totally agree with you ! Loved that you are so comfortable and can laugh about it. Great read!

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  21. Shakethesoul says:

    Love your post. Thanks for your honesty and bravery in sharing!

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