Sunday Food Share!

Pork loin, mushroom stuffing, carrots, green beans and boiled potatoes
As above, but with gravy
Breakfast eggs with crumpets, babybels and coffee!
Friday’s recipe of the day- Mushroom stuffing
Muller light latte with Sweet Freedom choc shot original and A double chocolate Alpen light bar
Sweet chilli stir fried veggies with plain egg noodles and baked nuggets
Dry fried eggs, crumpets and coffee
Tagliatelle with mince and low fat cream cheese with herbs
My snacks while watching Broadchurch
I’m always mixing up my Carbonara recipe….here’s another!
Eggs are obviously one of my favourite things for breakfast!
Homemade chicken and chorizo paella with veggies and a splodge of aioli
Sausage & mash with veggies and homemade Yorkshire puddings
First time trying this… Loved it!

My last big meal before my colonoscopy prep. Chicken thighs, a quesadilla, potatoes…all the food!

Bacon and cream cheese bagels!
Ham and mushrooms takeout pizza

After looking at all this food…I’m in shock that I lost two pounds this week!

I definitely need to include more vegetables on my plate! 

I hope you have had and will have a great week! 
Love Sooz x


19 thoughts on “Sunday Food Share!

  1. Way to go and the food looks delicious as always! I make this carbonara which is spaghetti/fettuccine, bacon and the “sauce” is egg yolks and parmesan cheese. No cream or anything (some times I add peas and zucchini for colour and vegetables). Tastes like a traditional “creamy” carbonara. An Italian friend of mine showed me how to make it once and it has been a family favourite ever since. The trick is to mix the egg yolk and parmesan first then stir it quickly through the cooked pasta, so the egg doesn’t cook and become scrambled.

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  2. No one should have to live in a body or mind they are unhappy with it. Keep up the dietary work and I don’t know if you are, but I highly recommend light yoga! πŸ™‚

    In my life getting on the right anti-depressant is one of the best things I could’ve possibly done, before that I lived in a mind that terrorized me. So on some level I can relate to struggling with something a bit out of your control.

    You engaged with my post on Viktoriia in Seneca SSF. I thought I’d drop by and give you a smile and some unique encouragement. πŸ™‚

    Ashton Deroy from

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