A short story: Ronald’s  trip to the vet. 

Ronald knew that every year, around the time that the cherry blossom was on the trees in the park and the breeze on his whiskas got that little bit warmer, that Mrs Berry would come out of the shop with a wicker basket, calling his name in a sing songy voice

“Ronald,  oh Ronald.  Come on darling. I have your favourite trout for you. RONALD!” 

Mrs Berry had a round face that got very red the more she shouted. 

Ronald knew that whilst she might have his favourite treat, trout, beautiful fishy goodness…. He also knew that meant he was going to see Josephine the vet

The ancient looking building smelled like commoners (dogs) and a wall inside was filled with brightly coloured cat toys, “for bored housecats, with no imagination” huffed Ronald, who found his amusement in leaves, twigs and the occasional slow mouse. 

Josephine was a tall thin lady with grey hair and a freckled face. Ronald thought he would like her, if she wasn’t a vet of course!  She prodded and poked and checked his teeth and his ears. She checked his tummy and then gave him his injections, 


As they were getting ready to leave Josephine sternly told Mrs Berry that Ronald could do with losing some weight as he was getting a little on the chunky side.

Ronald was most disgruntled ‘chunky‘ he thought, ‘who was she calling chunky? I’m exceptionally fluffy!’ Mrs Berry agreed to put Ronald on a strict diet…. ‘Brilliant‘ sighed Ronald sarcastically! 

On the short ride home, Ronald wasn’t sure how he felt. Whether he was in pain or his feelings were hurt. Mrs Berry opened the basket and set him on the floor, pointing sharply with a chubby sausage finger

  “sorry Ronald,  no trout for you!”  

‘but, you promised, I was good at the vet?’ sulked Ronald as he walked to his usual place on the wall. 

Ronald saw his usual ‘suspects‘ Mr Colpepper with his salmon which infuriated him. Mrs James with the three musketeers…Ronald was in a very bad mood, so much so, his daily nap was the last thing from his mind! 

‘I SHOULD GO AND LIVE WITH MRS LINGTREE! she could feed me chicken and I BET she would never take me to the vet!’ thought Ronald excitedly!

Just as that thought left his mind he heard the swish of Mrs Lingtrees raincoat…. Ronald didn’t know if he was more excited for the chicken in her pocket or following her home!! His whiskas were twitching with excitement.

He had it all planned.

Just as she turned the corner, Mrs Berry came out of the shop with a large sign “PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE CAT, HE’S ON A DIET!” ‘oh brilliant , tell everyone why don’t you!’  thought Ronald 

Mrs Berry called over Mrs Lingtree, no doubt to tell her about the vet visit and Ronalds ‘diet!’. 

Ronald was more miserable than ever. 

Mrs Lingtree stroked him, but no chicken, not a piece! She calmly told Ronald it was for his own good, and then said she had a bus to catch! A BUS! Well, that was his plans ruined! 

As the sun and Ronald’s mood started to fade. WHAT WAS THAT HE COULD SMELL?  Trout… Warm trout. Now his whiskas really were twitching!!

RONALLLLLLLD” shouted Mrs Berry. 

“We couldn’t have it going to waste,now could we?” she winked as she put the plate on the floor and stroked him. 

The end


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  1. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    Cute story! Ronald’s personality is so cat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m writing the third part and I can totally visualise him!

      Liked by 1 person

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