Meal prepping..

Meal prepping has taken on a life of it’s own on social media, with plastic tubs and 6 months worth of clean eating meals!!  Now, while this is admirable it’s not always possible due to time, space, money and family etc… 

If I prepped the same meal for a week,I would never want to see it again! I like variety. 

I always have and probably will see meal prepping as ‘doing what you can in advance’ whether thats chopping veggies and bagging them up, cooking extra and tubbing up for the freezer or putting food into the slow cooker ready for dinner.

This morning I decided that as we have a ridiculously hectic few weeks coming up that whilst I was waiting for my washing to finish, I would cook, cook some proper and complete meals to whack in the freezer. 

L due to some health issues can no longer tolerate meat or a lot of food ,as a self confessed carnivore that has obviously changed some of the dynamics. I used to cook for both of us, now it’s just me  I seem to have lost all imagination and motivation! 

After my endoscopy I’m not feeling remotely hungry,so it probably a good time to cook lots of food!

How do you meal prep? 

Love Sooz x


13 thoughts on “Meal prepping..

  1. It’s so nice to see a meal prep that isn’t just the same meal over and over again for the week. I honestly don’t know how people can push themselves through that! I usually have 3-4 meals I prep at once and if I’m doing meat and veggies I try and do a mix of different veggies just so I don’t get sick of anything.

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  2. the advantages of meal prep outweigh by far the disadvantages, and there is no written rule by which you have to eat the same thing for days and days. it is about organizing your life and reclaiming your own power to determine what you will be eating and what you wont be forced to eat. if you can only eat what is truly good for you 2 days in a week, that’s still better than no progress at all #StrictMotivation

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  3. Meal prep is very popular with folks and fitness. I don’t prep because I’m retired and don’t have to leave my home to eat. I do, however, cook my proteins (steak, fish, chicken) in advance, because it is easier to make sure I get the protein I need each day. I prep my proteins in advance, to make sure I eat what I have to eat to gain muscle.

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