This week…

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With a sprinkling of happiness and a drizzle of grumpiness! 

It’s Sunday. On Tuesday I have a colonscopy with biopsy for my ulcerated bowels! That means from tomorrow lunchtime I shall be shitting through the eye of a needle and then again all morning Tuesday so I’m fresh as a daisy for somebody to stick a camera up my arse! Frankly I’m nervous, more so because my bum hole does not need to be seen by so many people… And because it’s just not pleasant! 

Today I am eating everything and anything firstly as in my brain its better to have something to poo out than nothing…I’m not going to be eating for over 24 hours…. I best get it all in now so I don’t  want to look at food ever again

Star week,shark week, period, whatever you call it is also due betwen today and Wednesday ,which I’m worried about. Usually I wear pads,but for the procedure I’ll have to wear a tampon (I fully understand why) but it’s alot! I’ll probably cry while shovelling crisps in ny mouth at some point! 

Sunday Treat!

I’ve really gotten out of the habit of taking photos of my meals.. I went to do a Saturday recipe share with four photos…most of which were cups of tea! Next week that’s a definite goal.. To photograph my meals. I haven’t been eating that well over the weekend if honest. I maintained again on Friday and it just frustrates the hell out of me! But a maintain is far better than a gain! 

Chicken & Mushrooms in Oyster and garlic sauce with wholewheat fried rice with peas
Hot chocolate spoon!
Muller Light with mini eggs
Chicken stuffed with cheese and herbs wrapped in bacon with smash, green beans and mushrooms
As above but with smash gravy
Scrambled egg on toast with cheese triangles
Chicken fried rice with peas
Broccoli cheese with garlic mushrooms
Valentines burgers!


Holly’s Instagram page

Our cat Holly has her own Instagram page (@batcatholly) mainly so I wasn’t clogging mine up with cat pictures. Yesterday I noticed I had uploaded more picture of our neighbours cat than her this week! Oops! Whilst we love Bonnie, he isn’t ours. We have pretty good boundaries- no food, no coming inside.. Its a fusses only relationship! Holly likes-I say likes… She tolerates him and will give him a little smooch now and again.  But thats it. 

Kitty love
Bonnie- aged 14

Sometimes I feel I take Holly for granted,I get used to her wandering around and snuggling into me. I forget that she’s 12. Although (touch wood) she only has a few minor health issues, she’s quite a spring chicken really! 

Spring is errr springing?! And that means daily walks, Holly has always been walked with a lead and harness.  Well, she walks me. Whilst she’s a housecat,no matter where we’ve lived its always been important for her to have some time outside.. Topping up her vitamin D! 

What else…what else? *thinks

I think that’s it. 

I know I have a few reviews coming up. Obviously I’ll tell you guys is all about my hospital trip. There will definitely be more food posts too…. Oh and a “Losing weight when youre still fat” post! Phew!

How has your week been? 

I hope you all have a wonderful week coming up!

Love Sooz x  


24 thoughts on “This week…

  1. Well, that sounds extremely unpleasant!
    Glad you have a kitty to keep you cheered up.
    One of these days I must figure out how to add my daughter’s food blog, she takes fabulous photos. All her meals are gluten and dairy free. Not necessarily healthy, but good for her intolerances and staving off migraines.
    I wonder if I dare share this with her regarding weight. Hm, probably not. Me, holding the course – drats. Walking, swimming, treadmill (not my preferencd) and soon back to cycling at least ensures some stability.
    Good luck on Tuesday – think yourself to a far off place.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok… When it comes to a colonoscopy… The one thing you REALLY want to do is relax. It will be much worse if you tense up.
    It won’t be anything like as bad as you imagine and when you are on the way out you will be wondering why you made such a fuss about it!

    One thing to note… Take someone with you, or arrange to be taken straight home. Sometimes it can leave you gassy and you may well feel uncomfortable (I know I did) if you need to be sat down anywhere for a while.
    If you are given a sedative it should be dead easy. I wasn’t even offered one, I just had a topical numbing agent and a mild sedative.

    Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good luck with the procedure! I’ve never had one, but it’s a the bottom of the list of things I never want to happen but have to — like paying taxes or throwing up… visiting the gyno.

    Hope all goes well. Hugs from afar!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG! I laughed out loud. I wasn’t expecting to read that. Yeah, I’m with you.. eat everything and what ever you want before the big day. That’s my mind set. Same goes for holidays, birthdays and if you go out to dinner with a friend (depending how often that is).

    Liked by 1 person

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