I read a tweet last night and it bothered me (probably because I already feel guilty about it) …. 

The tweet said… And I’m paraphrasing here as my memory is horrendous! 

Why do these blog people not answer a simple comment, do they think they’re above us because they have a few hundred followers and want to be blog famous, it takes two seconds to write a reply. 

It made me think, as I do get quite a few comments in a day and I really struggle to reply. I try and like each one and I read every single one. 

I’m ridiculously grateful to anyone who reads my ramblings let alone interacts. My blog isn’t to make me ‘famous’ (I don’t know how that works but… Hey?!) it’s selfishly to offload and to write my feelings down, but also to interact with people I would never even see in my every day life. Either because of location or my crippling anxiety. 

Knowing someone has gone through something similar or has a new viewpoint is lovely. 
Most social media requires some kind of reaction… Likes, Views,  Reactions, Shares, reblog, retweets, comment likes, pm’s, dm’s…. It goes on! 

We, social media users feel enough pressure. 

So if you don’t reply to me,and I don’t reply… It’s ok. 

But I will always read every comment! 

Love Sooz x


29 thoughts on “Commenting…

  1. Eh…Sometimes, I think there are people that truly need attention. The reality, of course, is that time is limited and as more and more comments appear, the ability to answer each one goes down. Overwhelmingly, bloggers are not paid, which means a lot of their lives are dedicated to where they make money.

    I make it a personal endeavor to reply to comments, but I also know I can’t get every one. It’s hit and miss sometimes.

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      1. I’m lucky , no one comments on my posts 😂 . But , who is this person to say , and I don’t think you should give this person a 2nd thought . It’s 1 opinion and sounds like a jilted love or something . Who knows who didn’t respond to him . But it’s that way in all media . Just because I comment to someone in twitter does that make it more likely I’ll get a reply ? And someone else’s comment , what’s it take to tweet compared to blog . You get about 5 words with hashtags , that no one looks at .

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  2. That’s hysterical! I get upset because no one follows me on Twitter. I think I’ve been muted by the company in general. lol I try not to go on there much. I let my blog posts show up there and once in awhile I’ll take a look but I’m a little too sensitive to get caught up in it. You can only do what you can do. From what I see it’s more than enough.

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  3. That was both funny and sad. And with that said let me whine the other way … I have 200 followers and why isn’t each and every one not commenting on my each and every post?! What?!? Do they not have time for me?! KIDDING!!!!!!!! 😉

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  4. I’ve always had a policy to reply to a comment until the conversation ends. I feel that if someone I’ve never met was kind enough to take the time out of their day to write a comment, I should return the favor! I’m not perfect at it, but I try to make it a priority. 🙂 I understand both sides, though.

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  5. When I look and see there’s something I CAN respond to, I will–or I’ll put it down to respond later if I have to. The trouble is, sometimes I really want to respond right away, and I know I’m shooting myself in the foot if I do because it won’t come out right or it was a post intended to provoke and I was about to fall into the trap. Nope–I’ll do what I can to respond, but sometimes, there just aren’t words. The beauty of writing is you should be able to take your time and send just the right thing out (but that doesn’t always happen–I get impatient and then have to spend just as long making corrections).

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  6. I try to comment on many of the blog posts I read, and realize that for those bloggers like yourself whose posts receive many, many comments, it’s a challenge for you to respond to every single one, and that’s OK. What frustrates me more is that my own blog posts receive few comments. And an even bigger pet peeve is that many bloggers apparently only click ‘like’ if they actually like the content of the post (which makes sense I guess). But my practice is that if I take the time to read another blogger’s post, I just always click the ‘like’ button to show them I stopped by and looked at their post. At the end of the day, we all want validation, don’t we?

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  7. You’ve been very responsive to me — I don’t think it’s a “too big for their britches” type thing. As people who blog, we have lives too. My internet situation is tenuous, so I am not always able to respond.

    But sometimes, when I’m in a rush and don’t have internet on anything but my phone, I’ll like a comment to acknowledge I’ve read it and approve, and later comment when I’m at my desk and not typing with my thumbs. I think folks appreciate a cogent response free of typos and autocorrect mistakes rather than a prompt reply. And sometimes, I like to think my replies out before I post them.

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  8. I decided to reduce my social media presence significantly as it was almost controlling my daily life. I began to obsess over whether anyone had seen my pictures, or liked my status update etc.
    Combine this with my ongoing anxiety and this became a recipe for disaster. I found that through this site I can offload exactly how I feel and allow myself to be completely anonymous at the same time. It is a wonderful community on here and such a blessing to know I’m not alone in my issues.
    I’m not always able to respond but I do try and like the comments people leave me 🙂

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  9. I do try to reply to comments, because someone has taken the time to make a comment to me. However, blogging and social media can be used in many ways. I am not offended if you don’t reply to me. If I choose to read your post and comment, as far as I am concerned that is the end of it. Don’t feel you have to do anything, there is no pressure.

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  10. Yeah, I get that. I’m a relative newby to this, but would imagine replying to comments could eat up a lot of time. I think people get that (at least I would hope). People have lives. I enjoy the writing, but this doesn’t rule or control me. I do this without any expectations because I like to write. That’s it. Good post. Very honest.

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  11. I don’t get nearly as many comments as I see others get, so I’m grateful for each and every one as well as every follow. I think for most of us it’s less about popularity or what have you and more about our words being well-received and, if we’re lucky, meaningful interactions with other intelligent or interesting people, y’know?

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  12. What must one do when the replies cut off the conversation. Some comments are meant to stay like that, they leave nobroom for conversation and I feel like if someone is going to reply me I want it to be personal not something out of obligation.

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  13. I just started my blog less than a month ago and am overwhelmed by everything the “experts” say to do. Respond to every comment, be active on social media, become an expert in forums, join groups, produce digital products, etc. I can’t imagine what it takes for someone to actually do all of that. I think bloggers are giving so much already just by putting the initial info out there. They’re not customer service representatives, paid to answer every tiny (and often unrelated) question. If I ask a question and receive a response, awesome. But I don’t expect a response if I haven’t asked anything.

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