Animal photos

Since I got my new phone, I’ve taken so many pictures.  

Here are a few of the pets: 

Willow, a Madagascan Giant Day Gecko, having some reptile jelly!
Willow- Madagascan giant day gecko
A waiting Holly
Tasty grass
Holly- getting through Monday in bed ©
Sleep yoga for cats ©
Drucilla the Royal Python ©
Raya having a bath ©
Having a sniff around the garden ©

Have a wonderful Monday! 

Love Sooz x


14 thoughts on “Animal photos

  1. Hey you

    Not sure why I never saw this section of your blog. Are those really your snakes? Hawaii has something called a gold day dusk Gecko or something similiar. Looks like the Geico Gecko and its my favorite. Going to Google your tiny friend tonite.

    Been thinking about your weight win since xmas. Im failing..

    Thx for all your recent likes. : ).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My favorites are Holly sleeping – there’s just something so cozy and comfortable about a sleeping cat! And the Raya is so elegant taking a bath!
      I’d love to know what you did with the photos of the Willow…? Beautiful colors and textures!

      Liked by 2 people

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