Sunday lunch 

We dont have a proper roast dinner very often any more… Sometimes its just quick veggies and gravy etc… 
Today I decided in honour of National Yorkshire Pudding Day, I would cook a proper roast for me, and a veggie one for L. 

I thought I would give you a quick look at how I make mine… 
Ingredients (My Pork Sunday Lunch)

*2 x pork loin steaks– roasted , nothing added.

*Broccoli – 4 florets boiled in water.

*Carrots – 1 chopped length ways and roasted in 3 sprays of frylight and salt.

*Smash- Cooked with hot milk, Low fat margerine, salt & pepper and Parsley I had 2 tablespoons

*Sweet potato – roasted with carotts, 3 sprays of frylight and salt.

*Apple sauce- 1tsp

*Yorkshire  puddings-

makes 9

2 eggs

75g plain flour

100ml milk

Frylight or oil for the tin. 

Heat up tray with frylight or oil in a hot oven. 

Beat eggs and milk in a jug and spoon in flour. Whisk until smooth and set aside until oil is smoking hot. 

Pour batter in and cook on the top shelf. On 200° until brown and crispy usually about 30-35 mins. Dont open the oven! 


I saved both meat juices and veg water. Mix meat juices with 1 tsp of plain flour and mix untilcrumble,crumble In one oxo cube and add a spoonful of veg water and mix in at a time!  

Hope you have all eaten well and are having a happy Sunday. 

Love Sooz x


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  1. Oh my! Minus the sweet potatoes, looks like my mom made this. My mom was from England. Are you in England?

    How I miss Yorkshire pudding! My mom would use some of the pork drippings to make the Yorkshire pudding. I’m going to have to make these soon!

    Mmmmmm! Thanks for sharing. ☺

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    1. I am in england! I love yorkshire puddings! Youve gotta make some! Im glad it brought you good memories! Love Sooz x

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      1. I’ve got to buy some pork too!

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  2. Phwoooar 😍

    Thank goodness I’ve eaten otherwise I’d be licking the screen on my phone lol 😂

    Top Sunday dinner Sooz 👍🏽

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  3. I’ve never even heard of Yorkshire Pudding, but if there is a whole national holiday devoted to it, must be great. I’ll have to find some here in the states.

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    1. The Yorkshire pudding is made from a light pancake batter. Heta your muffin tin in the over with a little oil in, then when nice and hot, add the batter – back in the over quick for them to cook and rise.

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      1. Oh wow, that sounds excellent. I might look for a recipe and try it this weekend.

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  4. stevieb1977 says:

    Mmmmmm Yorkshire pudding. Can’t beat a good Sunday roast 🙂

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  5. that looks great. the gravy may be my favorite part. enjoy

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  6. I have never managed to make a successful Yorkshire pudding, gave up while still in my 20s. These days one daughter does not eat wheat, so no reason to try anymore. It was never a big thing when I was growing up despite having an English mother. Yours does sound good – maybe I will take myself out for dinner soon.

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  7. Looks yummy! Didn’t know there was a Yorkshire pudding day! How cool! Today is Super Bowl Sunday for us 🙂

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  8. Looks and sounds absolutely delicious 😊

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  9. I love a good Sunday roast!

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  10. this is one of my favs, chicken yorkshire. i even wrote a blog post about it. i almost feel obligated to share it when brits talks about yorkshire pudding. i’ve got to find this yorkshire dude*; he made a pretty good pudding.

    england must really like this stuff. the post i wrote before was because some brit was talking nation yorkshire pudding day…on august 1. multiple national yorkshire pudding days, i’m down with that.

    *i know it’s a place

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  11. katiehanson says:

    I missed national Yorkshire pudding day?! What a travesty! Hope you enjoyed yours x

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  12. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    Is L a vegetarian?

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    1. She has some health issues that mean she just went off eating it one day and now can’t stand the taste or smell. Love Sooz x

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