There’s always hope…

Even if it seems to far away, right now! img_20170130_005120_709


Love Sooz xx


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  1. idrafciu says:

    Yes, but I’m really worried about what is happening all over the world… including my country as well. Incredible things happened in USA, England, and also Poland… what next ?

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  2. We need border control. I want to help the actual refugees, but I want to keep terrorists and other dangerous people out. What good does it do to help bring the actual refugees (victims) here if we also bring in the ones they are trying to flee?

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  3. CreativeMisfit says:

    short but sweet :).. think we all need to sing from the same hymn sheet though .

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  4. ren edith says:

    I have discovered…the more I love me,
    the more I love life and
    the more life loves me back.
    Keep on smiling :D, ren

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  5. shawjonathan says:

    I recommend a great book by Rebecca Solnit called Hope in the Dark

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  6. ✨✨✨ says:

    Yes! ❤️❤️❤️

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