Do bucket lists really motivate people?

Bucket list. Something that I didn’t hear of until I was about 18. Maybe it wasn’t thought of or maybe I just didn’t care?

I always wonder whether some people write a doable list and follow it to the t, then lay down and peacefully die, or if people have one in their heads, more of a dream list and never actually fulfil it?

I have a bucket list, sometimes I read it and wonder if some of the things on it are really possible or if they’re just a fantasy. some people say anything is possible, but is it? is it really? Do certain variables not make a difference for example:

  • where you live
  • how much money you have
  • life expectancy

or do you think it doesn’t matter? if you put your mind to it, you can do it!

If i didn’t believe i could do it, I wouldn’t have written the list. My list is more about experiences rather than other people or meeting a celebrity. Riding an elephant, riding on horseback through the sea are just two things on mine.

Do you have a bucket list?


Love Sooz x




24 thoughts on “Do bucket lists really motivate people?

  1. Mine is filled with a lot of stuff. Some are doable – have a family of my own-,others are a little more exotic. I wouldn’t want my life to be less fun, or too realistic. For example : I want to pet a baby panda, or a baby bear. I know it’s weird right? But it’s not something I could do often and that’s why it’s special πŸ™‚

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  2. I kinda have one in my head, it sort of evolves as I do and some of the things are really attainable and some of them are really hard to get but boy would I celebrate if I nailed them! I think it’s good to have dreams and goals but it’s important not to become consumed by monetary things. Your bucket list should also be about happiness and laughing, health and well-being.

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  3. An excellent question to ponder. I only vaguely considered my dreams as a bucket list in the last few years. Perhaps it has something to do with getting older. For lack of a better name for some of my plans I call it a bucket list if someone asked me. It is fluid, very much like quicksilver, ever shifting, swirling, unknown depths and surprising shallows. I can enter anywhere, dip my foot in – so glad it is not quicksilver – decide if that is my direction or go in a different direction. My list is usually short, it covers a year of exploring – a place, a space, myself.

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  4. I wonder why they call it a bucket list? I haven’t got one as such but there are things I think I would like to do someday. For years one thing I always wanted was a red convertible.(occasionally it was green) I know that is one thing that won’t happen now. Reasons being that I’m not really that fond of driving, we wouldn’t be able to afford one or the upkeep and also if I had one I would have to put petrol in it…(I have only ever had to do that once and that was in one of my driving lessons and I hated it!)

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  5. I could never have a bucket list because I’m really bad at following through with long term goals and they’re pretty much the same thing right? I guess it depends on how goal-oriented you are.

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  6. Bucket lists do not work for me….neither do new years resolutions. If I set goals for myself and then cant reach them it sends me into a dark spiral and then I feel guilty and like a failure. It’s better for me to just live one day at a time.


  7. I think it depends on if certain things affect your list. I fear some things on my list won’t happen because I might not have enough money. That’s when I add things to my list that are more do-able, like write a novel or volunteer at a shelter. It’s better in my opinion to have doable things to keep you motivated and far fetched things to keep your dreaming

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  8. I actually do believe in a bucket list, but a realistc one. I have no money so I’m sure not going to go and travel the world. I live in small town that is not even in the map so I doubt a celebrity will come play a concert there.
    As a human the good thing is that I do know my capabilities and limits. Knowing that makes it easier to make a bucket list, or a list of achievements. For some it can be samall achievements, but what is hard for some is easy for others, people are different.
    But a realistic bucket list will certainly help you keep focused, have a routine to do whatever you have written down, e.t.c.

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  9. My “bucket list” doesn’t always motivate me, per se, but it ALWAYS makes me happy to think about! LOL! πŸ™‚

    A couple of random items on my list: 1. See Bananarama live in concert. 2. Travel to Romania (and check out some castles).

    *I actually have a ticket to a Bananarama concert (at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, NV). It is from 2012. I injured my leg and was not able to go. My friend is a hairdresser out there, and she met them. I did get to talk to one of the ladies (Keren) on the phone for a minute (thanks to my friend)!


  10. Buckets are way too small. Even a barrel list wouldn’t do. if i could retire and just work on things on the list it would take me 200 years. my action plan is to decide what the next thing is. I work hard at the next thing. I put all of my eggs in one basket until it is time to change baskets. Right now my basket is a blog. You are all invited to sample some funny stuff. I have been able to do some pretty neat things on this journey. I love life. It doesn’t really bother me that many things will not get done in this life. I try to do the most important things first. I also have big plans for the next life. I expect to meet all of you along the way to eternity.

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  11. I sure do – 40 things in trying to accomplish before turning 40. And I love it. It’s getting me to do things that I’ve been talking about for awhile but haven’t acted on. I love making the most out of life – so why not? Too much fun!!

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