30 Money saving tips

1. Use the internet to check prices
2. Shop around
3. Check out Value ranges
4. Set yourself a budget
5. Check for voucher codes
6. Don’t get sucked into to buying things you don’t need
7. Make your own – lunches, nakd bars, cereal bars.
8. Set yourself a spending limit per week
9. Write down all of your spending
10. Look for coupons
11. Join Market research websites- Tesco Orchard, bzzagent,etc..
12. Check out the yellow sticker section of supermarkets
13. Use your freezer
14. Be careful, pound shops can make you think you’re getting a great deal, when you’re not.
15. Check out budget beauty. The pound shops, and wilkos have some great beauty products.
16. Buy in bulk, loo rolls or items you’re always going to need are cheaper the more you buy.
17.Check out your local chemist. Ours always has some good products for £1
18. Our local newsagents sells a big pack of border biscuit mishapes for £1.40..always check little shops
19. Use your charity shops, especially for books
20. Cooking bacon and meat offcuts can shave £££’s off your shopping bill
21. Check your receipts on Asda to see if your owed any money from their price promise.
22. If you eat out a lot sign up for a taste card and get bogof on meals, pays for itself in no time
23. Use store cards to collect points and get great offers, superdrug, boots, tesco.
24. Check out mispellings on ebay and Amazon.
25. Read reviews, they can really help when making a big purchase.
26.Look for discount days or groupon vouchers for hair cuts.
27.Check out your local college for beauty treatments.
28. Remember a best before is different to a use by and can still be consumed after that date

29. Use comparison websites for your food shopping.

30. Sometimes, Buy cheap= buy twice and its worth a little extra.

Please add yours into the comments! I’d love to know how you guys save money!

Love Sooz xx


19 thoughts on “30 Money saving tips

  1. Great advice! I shop in Aldi for main things and too up where necessary with stuff they don’t have in other stores. Shopping around online is the key. Always check Amazon as I have surprisingly found things to be cheaper there!! Also have a look on Wish, their products are super cheap. Although you have to wait a while as they’re from China, you save £££’s xxx

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  2. I swear by shopping in Aldi! I can feed me and two cats for around £20 a week. We eat well for that. I used to eat in the staff canteen but worked out I was spending nearly £30 a month just on lunch alone. I now take lunch in, often leftovers from bulk cooking, sandwiches or a jacket potato. Great tips here. I had to become super thrifty when I split up with my ex husband as he was the breadwinner. He used to pay for rent etc so I went from paying very little to suddenly paying for everything. It’s been hard but a valuable lesson.


  3. Some great tips here. I’m a student and already do some of the tips that you listed but I will have a go at some others that i dont normally do 🙂

    Charity shops have such good finds these days! It’s great that you can get a little back from helping great causes!

    If you’re interested in Charity shopping, I’ve just written a review on Octavia Foundation, Tooting. Have a read and spread the word on the good work that they do: tootinghustle.wordpress.com

    Happy blogging x

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