The online shop

After about a week of being totally lazy about writing a blog, I am back to get the next 7-8 blasted out!

I had them all planned and then didn’t actually get around to writing them.

So. My online shop.

I shop online at Asda, I love their products and have never had anything other than good customer service.

I shopped at Tesco previously, but felt that whilst I was getting clubcard points, they didn’t have the offers or products I wanted and it often showed on the price comparison that Asda was cheaper.

Back to Asda. I spend approximately £40 per week on food for two adults, toiletries, laundry products and cat litter.

I plan each shop, writing an inventory of food that’s already in the cupboards, fridge and freezer. Then I write a meal plan, Which is always rough (no set days). Then I write a list of what we don’t have…

Somethings such as cat litter -we always buy catsan, are things I always buy. Whereas others I’ll look for smartprice versions, or offers.

I’ve never had a bad substitute Or date from Asda and have always received the same or better in both quality and quantity.

My five favourite Smartprice buys:
1.Kitchen roll
3.Natural yogurt
5.Tinned beans/spaghetti

My five favourite fridge foods:
1. Yogurt
2. Low Low cheese spread
3. Cooked meats
4. Mushrooms
5. Cheddar Cheese
My five favourite cupboard food:
1. Noodles/pasta/rice
2. Fibre one- all
3. Passata
4. Cereal
5. Hot chocolate

My five favourite freezer foods:
1. Prawns
2. Crabsticks
3. Chicken – ready cooked strips
4. Vegetables- any
5. Mince

I do my food shop throughout the week, adding bits and bobs into the basket. Then choose my delivery date and time (Asda offer a delivery pass, which can save so much money!).

Who do you shop with?
Do you like online delivery?

Love Sooz x

To see more money saving tips, see my next blog ‘Money saving tips’ soon.

For Asda’s grocery website click here

For advice on online shopping click here

To compare your supermarket shops click here

**I was not asked or paid in anyway to do this blog and any views are entirely my own as a customer of Asda**


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