Saturday Recipe Share

My Food This Week

Being ill over Christmas, I have indulged this week instead. 

Dippy eggs and soldiers @discoveringsooz
Mushroom and meatfree meatball omelette @discoveringsooz
Sausages, hash browns, an egg, a babybel and ketchup @discoveringsooz
Tapas at Missoula, Chester @discoveringsooz
Christmas lunch, I managed four mouthfuls on boxing day @discoveringsooz
Sausage & Mash with vegetables @discoveringsooz
Hoisin Chicken stir fry, green veggies, mushrooms and brown rice @discoveringsooz
Mushroom, turkey, green bean, chorizo and cheese omlette @discoveringsooz
Low fat creamy mushrooms with bacon and a bagel @discoveringsooz
Same omlette as above. @discoveringsooz
New years roast dinner @discoveringsooz
Good for you, sweet chilli Pizza, oven fries and burger sauce @discoveringsooz
Left over cold ham, oven fries, cheese, pickle and mayonnaise. @discoveringsooz
Cornflakes and semi-skimmed milk @discoveringsooz
Starbucks fudge hot chocolate! @discoveringsooz
Eggs, spaghetti and toast! @discoveringsooz
I had one! Guylian chocolates @discoveringsooz
Cheese, crackers and pate. @discoveringsooz
Toast + babybel @discoveringsooz
Chicken mugshot with extra water and added turkey. @discoveringsooz
Gingerbread latte! Lush! @discoveringsooz

My take on carbonara. Chicken, bacon, mushrooms, peas, lots of garlic and low fat cream cheese with wholewheat pasta @discoveringsooz

So, now you’re all either hungry, drooling or have stopped reading… 


I love finding new recipes. Generally ones that don’t require half the kitchen in either ingredients or machinery. I’m more a lob it all in kind of cook! 


One # and there are millions of recipes at your finger tips.. 

Using # for your main ingredients or if you follow low carb, slimming world, weight watchers, Cambridge diet… Whatever! 

Social media is fast becoming better than Google, with real people, cooking real recipes. I follow some very talented and inventive cooks, who post recipes. Just a few… 

Source: Unknown, Instagram
Source: Instagram @slimmingworlddebsx
Source: Instagram @didosw_343
Source: Facebook, slimming world group, Omagh, Aughnacloy


I love pinterest and pin everything from fakeaways to how to make your own stock… 

Anything you need is on there… 



If I do a chuck it in, I usually try and write some kind of recipe so I can try and recreate. I like changing other people’s recipes to my own tastes… 

Source: @discoveringsooz
Source: @discoveringsooz, originally from @itsyourgirlemsg on Instagram

Paella, @discoveringsooz

The soup maker! @discoveringsooz
My version of a healthy carbonara. @discoveringsooz

Remember no matter your budgets or tastes, you can cater for yourself. Remember all recipes can be changed to what you have available. 

Right, well that’s me done! 

Have a great week! 
Love Sooz x

Thankyou to the lovely Instagram people who allowed me to use their recipes, give them a like, as they post some great recipes. 

Also, if I have accidentally used your recipe or picture and you would like it credited or removed please contact me at

Please feel free to screenshot, share or use any of the recipes, give me a mention to I can see! 


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