Poo- How food affects it!

Spending so much time on the loo is probably the only reason I seem to have any kind of social media presence.

Without that time I probably wouldn’t like, write or edit anything!

Poo- everyone does it, no one (well, except me) likes talking about it, and no one really wants to know about anyone else’s.

Well, I’m here to tell you about mine, so if you are squeamish or sensitive or eating… maybe read a different blog post!

My poo fascinates me, the way my body digests or in some cases doesn’t digest food.

I know how my body is running by my poo. If I don’t go at least twice a day (my record was 15 times during a poorly spell), I know I need more fibre, or, if I eat nuts, some veggies, mushrooms etc… My body just will not digest them. Sweet Potato comes out as orange gloop!

I have ulcerative colitis, it’s a right pain in the arse. Literally. Before I was diagnosed, I knew something wasn’t right, I had slime, blood, pus and diarrhoea! Yuk! If I had to poo, I was going to go whether I made it to the loo or not. I know every toilet in our city centre.

I can’t take certain tablets including ibuprofen and its important I take vitamin supplements and stay hydrated as my body sometimes struggles to absorb them.

This isn’t an ulcerative colitis educational blog post, as frankly with most illnesses, it becomes a bit boring, when someone tells you about it every 36 seconds.

My good Poo foods are:
Brown pasta
Eggs (although my farts smell somewhat satanic)

My bad poo foods are:
Sweet potatoes

Do you have good Poo/bad poo foods?

Apologies for talking crap! 😂

Love Sooz x


29 thoughts on “Poo- How food affects it!

  1. What a shitty blog! Lol jk.
    Your poo is indicative of your health, so yes, a very important thing. There are places I avoid — Taco Hell, Moes, Barbaritos, to name a few. I have a new intolerance to horse radish (very sad). Makes me feel like I ate napalm.

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  2. I feel at home reading this post. See, I’ve got IBS, and soon gonna get more test ’cause it seems that there’s maybe more to it. So as you, I also know every bathroom at all the places I love to go. Broccoli, sauces, coffee and pizza hates me. And any bit of emotional change hits me worse than an atomic bomb in my colon. Still, most of the time, I don’t care if it kills me, if I love it, bring it on. πŸ˜‚

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  3. Hahahaha – Kudos on the topic! I’ve posted about many things – but up until now my jobbies have been off limits!

    Oddly I’ve found that powdered chilli (as opposed to fresh) when combined with onions and garlic is often the best reason people need to avoid me for at least eight hours.

    I love chilli con carne (and its a great Slimming World meal) but I have to be VERY careful when I eat it in polite company lol!

    Also – now that I think on it I wonder where Twitter would be without the toilet. Is it coincidence that there’s rhyming slang so obviously at play there? Hmmmm… I smell a conspiracy…

    Or at least I think that’s what I smell…

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