My beauty ‘routine’

My beauty routine is frankly one step up from washing my face with dish soap and moisturizing with lard.

I’m not a 967 beauty products before breakfast kind of girl. I have no idea what 966 of them even do to start with.

I stick to what I know, I’m set in my ways, and I have skin that reminds me of an angry viper…!!

If I start at the top and work my way down… That might give it some kind of order!

Hair: I wash my hair with Ogx o2 shampoo and conditioner for fine limp hair.
I wash my hair every day-its a bad habit, one of a girl who used to sweat so much a daily shower was necessary.
I use a heat protection serum if I’m drying it!
I very occasionally use a repair mask
Face: I wash my face with a vitamin C facial wash, then use an oil free moisturiser. I pluck my eyebrows once a fortnight and my facial hair every other day.
I use Carmex lip balm and dry eye drops.
I wear make up sparingly and take it off as soon as I return home.

Body: Vaseline body moisturiser daily, hand and foot cream and nail oil. I use a scrub before I shave my legs, and a moisturizing shower gel.

Tada…. The end!

During my teens, I used every product known to man, all of My money went on cosmetics and beauty products. Most of them gave me a rash or brought out my teenage acne more. Now I’m very aware that keeping things simple, works.

I’m more aware of money also, spending money I just don’t have on beauty products is never going to be as good thing. Especially when there are such good budget products available.

Most products, if like my shampoo are slightly more expensive, I look for offers, use loyalty points or find coupons. I don’t stick with that exact same product each time for that reason.

It’s so important to know what works for you and not follow a trend. Skin always is at its best when it can breathe and its healthy from the inside out.

What are your beauty must haves?
What are your budget saving tips?

Love Sooz x


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  1. True words. I think the “beauty” industry is scary big and for the most part just illusion and pretty words.

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    1. I agree. Love Sooz x

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  2. John Sade says:

    Men don’t really do makeup, but in my case, I always go easy. Too much of any makeup spells a facial disaster.

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    1. That’s very true!! Love Sooz x


  3. Mine is super simple too. I have many beautiful friends, some with a 5 Min routine and some who take 2 hours. As long as it makes us feel comfortable.

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    1. Yeah, some feel comfort in spending time on their routine. Whatever works. Love Sooz x

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  4. lbell2014 says:

    If one could only organize all the products so neatly. Your routine looks like it is working!

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    1. Me too! This is a stock picture! I don’t even think I own this many products! Love Sooz x

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  5. M. says:

    I’m with you too, most of the time. I do tend to put on a little face powder and mascara if I am going out somewhere I will be interacting with people I know, but that’s mostly to cover up the lovely adult acne that won’t go away and to give my blonde eyelashes a visual reality.

    I used to be like you when I was younger, trying all the cosmetics. I still like to go all out sometimes. At one point I wanted to be a makeup artist, I used to do it for theater productions and for friends.

    Can’t live without my biore charcoal benzoyl peroxide facial scrub. daily. And my CVS brand Aveeno moisturizer knock-off.

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    1. I like biore pore strips! I like it’s whatever works for you. Love Sooz x


  6. stephieann8 says:

    Mine is super simple. I don’t have the funds to do anything more elaborate!

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    1. Me neither! Love Sooz x


  7. I use plain Ivory Soap on my face. It doesn’t have any dyes or oils and isn’t harsh on my skin like some facial soaps can be.
    For a makeup remover I use generric baby oil.

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    1. Soap hates me skin! No matter the brand! Love Sooz x


  8. Stacey Gross says:

    Everyone I know from roommates to boyfriends and my ex-husband where are amazed that I was capable of a three to five minute shower including hair washing. I absolutely cannot be myself without Paul Mitchell Tea Tree lavender Sage shampoo and conditioner. Or It Cosmetics. I have to have the bye bye Foundation, bye bye pores, bronzer lightener and no tug eyeliner. I wear blush and I love their Universal a pencil, but they make the worst mascara in the world. So I use Covergirl Clump Crusher πŸ™‚

    Usually by the time I get to putting on that eyeliner I’m rethinking entire life choices that have brought me to this point. I just started wearing makeup last year though and I really love the way I feel in it so I have to do it.

    I guess it’s better than feeling that way about, like, cocaine.


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    1. I shower so quickly… What do people do for half an hour..maybe I don’t need to know! I like to be in and out! Love Sooz x

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  9. cntry17566 says:

    I use Ivory soap. i moisturize maybe twice a year. I get my eyebrows and upper ;lip waxed once a month or so. I use SPF only if I’m on the beach, and only if I got burnt the previous day. I occasionally use mascara, and maybe a few times a year use powder concealer and lipstick. I used to wear all kinds of makeup when I was young. Now I can’t stand stuff on my face. I feel smothered when I wear it.

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  10. Shei1Says says:

    I finally graduated to the use of coconut oil after hearing many GREAT reviews AND I use it everywhere That stuff is amazing. I wax my face because I can’t see to pluck anymore I keep Gold bond diabetic formula lotion ( as well as hand sanitizer ) in my office because I like to shake hands. I love my nails done because it makes my hands look great! I also use a smear of lip gloss Otherwise I am pretty LOW maintenance myself. πŸ˜€

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    1. I shave my face, waxing brought me out in a rash and creams give me burns! I always find coconut oil too strong for my skin! Love Sooz x


  11. karlalategan says:

    I totally agree with you! I mean trends are great, but if they don’t make you feel great in your own body then ditch it. I think too many girls are falling into the trap of believing beauty/fashion is simply following trends, but it isn’t, its more putting your own personal twist on trends! I love this post, as it reminds any readers that beauty is what you feel confident in.

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  12. alexisgiocom says:

    Please check out my posts on skincare! Oh by the way what type of repair mask do you use??

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    1. For my hair? It’s pantene prov leave on. I will. Thanks Sooz d

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  13. Reblogged this on MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR and commented:
    My Beauty Routine by #discoveringsozz #wordpressblogger
    Peace, Marshall

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    1. Thankyou. Love Sooz x

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  14. baumanolly says:

    I read once: use the best products you could afford. The best products do not mean the most expensive :). Agree with you!

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    1. That’s a good motto. Love Sooz x

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  15. agshap says:

    In my case – less is better. There are way too many products out there and all claim the same thing. I really feel you must use what works for you. I will soon be 70 which no one believes but I have followed the same regimen since I was in my 20s….cleanse always, moisturize always – whether it is your face, arms, legs or feet the damage that our atmosphere does is unbelievable. I use some makeup – especially eye makeup – I feel I have very small eyes that need some enhancement. (My products are always Avon; but then again I sell it also, so I am prejudice.)

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    1. I’ve liked Avon things since I was a child. I agree and always moisturise! If it works why stop! Love Sooz x

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  16. LoveLaughLavender says:

    I’m all about using essential oils like lavender and frankincense for my face and making my own masks/ scrubs to stay on budget!
    Less is more in my book!

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    1. I’ve never made my own stuff. Maybe it’s worth looking up! Thanks for the inspiration. Love Sooz x

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  17. Jacque' says:

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    Keep up the hard work and stay focused
    -Jacque’ Terrell

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  18. 'seyi says:

    Vaselin is really a good moisturizer. I love your beauty routine, its simple.

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  19. busybusiness2017 says:

    I love your post on Skin Care. Being a man, many think my skin is tougher, therefore needs less care, but in reality, I face many of the same problems as woman. Blackheads, Acne, and Premature Wrinkles are just the tip of the ice berg. Especially when i shave…. SHAVING BUMPS EVERYWHERE. That’s why i have been doing research on skin care, to discover methods for Home Skin Care. Could you visit my blog and tell me what you think?

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  20. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  21. Mines super simple, although I do use different face washes every time, depends what’s available at the timeπŸ˜‚πŸŒΈ

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