No meds

Guess which absolute idiot hasn’t been taking her meds for just over a week….

Yes, Me!

Due to being poorly I haven’t taken anything!

The extreme negatives are that my anxiety is so ridiculously high, I could actually cry and my blood pressure has raised slightly. Due to the anxiety I’m having tinnitus and headaches!

On a very minor plus, my sex drive has returned like an Audi TT on a race track!

Tomorrow I’m beginning on 50mg and incremental increases until I’m back up to 200mg again!

Was my anxiety really this bad before? I feel like a wreck! I feel like a tiny lunatic has been let loose inside My head and is creating g situations I didn’t even know exsisted.

Another is my mood is literally like a seesaw… I can’t sleep… It reminds me of times I don’t want to remember.

Whilst life is fairly stressful, I don’t need my mind/mood making it worse in my head!

Christ, Happy New year!!

Love a slightly nuts Sooz x


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  1. the20somethingexistentialcrisis says:

    Hey! Ive done that one before. I thought I was losing my mind and the world was going to end. But having a sex drive was the only good thing about it. Hope you can get your meds soon. Happy New Years!

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    1. The worst bit is, they’re right next to me, I’m just horrific at remembering and this time I had a bug and couldn’t take anything! Glad its not just me! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love Sooz x

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  2. Just don’t go off them cold turkey please you’ll go manic, trust me I did.

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    1. I think its a bit late…. But I’ve learned my lesson!

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      1. Did they put you in the nut house too?

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        1. No, thankfully! I do however, still have an implant releasing some meds, but I have others to take each morning too! X

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          1. Oh good for other chemicals lol


    2. Thankyou though! Love Sooz x

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      1. no problem us crazies have to stick together!! ā¤

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        1. Haha! Yes, yes we do! X

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  3. That’s not good. It’s odd though. My meds haven’t dampened my sex drive too much. That or I’m like a sex maniac when I’m off them.

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    1. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

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      1. Not that it makes any difference lol! I’m going through a miserable dry spell lol!

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      2. Thank you for your love!

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  4. Nooo! I’ve been there before. It is an absolute terrible time. My sympathies and I hope you are back to level soon. I forgot a dose over Christmas (gotta love that breaking routine to make you forget meds) and I felt like shite for a week. Happy New Year! May it be an awesome one for you.

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    1. Happy New year to you too! Love Sooz x


  5. Take care of yourself! Being sick isn’t fun, here’s to a healthy 2017!

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    1. And you too! Love Sooz x

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  6. Oof. Been there, done that. It’s pretty awful. I pray returning to the medicine will give you some relief, friend.

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