Christmas: The non-review

I was so excited to write a review on Christmas day… The food, the telly, the presents…

Except I was so poorly I opened my presents and either slept, or visited the loo!

We’re now on the 28th December and I have never had less Christmas spirit! The fridge/freezer and cupboards are still full! The treat box has barely been tqouched.

I’m currently still tucked up in bed, with a bottle of squash, the tv remote, surrounded by Christmas decorations that are irritating me beyond belief!

I don’t want another Christmas however. I just want to get back to normal, my usual routine.

I started writing the above last night, and today I have hit the stage of illness…. PURE FRUSTRATION with tinges of rage. My poop is still rubbish, and my gallbladder is playing up, so I’ve been advised to avoids fats on the day I feel like munching on a very small kfc… On being told this I burst into tears…. Like proper hot tears.

It’s been nearly a week since I ate properly and I’m fuming about it. I’m even craving vegetables, but until my poop settles down I’m eating as little as possible. I haven’t taken sertraline for over a week due to my tummy and generally forgetting! As predicted mentally I am fuckery doo dahed!

Now on the third day of writing (sigh) I had a subway last night, after some shopping, feeling better, but just not 110%. Taking the Christmas decorations down later on today and cleaning.

Will be having a Christmas style dinner for new years day, and before that I have lots of bits and bobs I want to do!

Hope you all had a far merrier Christmas!

Love Sooz x


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  1. Oh Sooz!! Fuckery doo dah 😂😂😂, sorry had to laugh!! You poor thing, but think of the weight loss! No shopping bills for a few days either. My Christmas was the same a usual, we have my 82 year old aunt over for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. She’s rude and niggly. We’ve had her over for the last for ever many years. I crave something else, different, but she wants it the way it is. No changes. It’s driving the rest of us nuts!!! Aaaarrrrggghgg!!
    Roll on 2017! Much love 💜💜💜

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    1. Lost 12lbs! Freezer full to the brim, fridge and cupboards full too! Haha, relatives at Christmas always seem to pick at that one bone! Only 360 days until you do it all again! Yep hopefully 2017 will be better! Lots of love xx

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      1. 12lbs!! Good god, that’s a silver lining right there!! Happy 2017 babe xxx

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