Orchard ‘Hosting Christmas your way’ puddings.

Hosting any kind of Christmas gathering is a little stressful, especially when preparing food.

Although I sometimes find both the quality and the price of pre-prepared party food disappointing, last year orchard offered me the chance to try some other party food, I was pleasantly surprised.

I hate buffets that have soggy or stale sandwiches and a multi pack of crisps in one bowl, I prefer select foods that there are only a few of.

This year, Orchard gave me the chance to get some puddings to try….

Everyone (well, me) loves puddings!

When choosing I was surprised by the low prices, I chose two frozen puddings and one fresh. I was also surprised by how many choices there were. Having lost rather a lot of weight the cake/puddings aisle has been overlooked lately!

My first choice: Black Forest Gateau

My second choice: Banoffee Cheesecake

My third choice: Two slices of Raspberry cheesecake
First choice: black forest gateau £2
Frozen aisle

  • Defrosts quickly
  • Plenty of Sharp cherries, sweet cream and rich chocolate cake
  • Always a crowd pleaser

Second choice:
Banoffee Cheesecake £2 Frozen aisle

  • Defrosts quickly
  • Isn’t too sweet, a good banana flavour
  • Tastes a touch artificial

Third choice:
Two slices of Raspberry cheesecake £2 fresh aisle

  • Holds a good shape
  • Crunchy base
  • Lacks that sharpness of Raspberry

Whilst Tesco has such a good range, I would rather have paid a few pounds extra and had slightly better quality. I feel as though some of the flavours are sightly artificial. Around Christmas time convenience rather than quality seems to win.

A double edged sword in this review.

Love Sooz x

To see Tescos full pudding section click here

To join Tesco Orchard to try freebies click here

To find healthy low sugar pudding recipes click here


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