Orchard ‘Free From’ Review

I signed up to try Tesco’s FIRST EVER box of home delivered goodies… And they did not disappoint!

Filled to the brim with free from Christmas goodies, I couldn’t have been more excited! Due to having ulcerative colitis, my body is sensitive to dairy and wheat.

What I got:
4x mince pies
1x vegetable gravy granules
1x bread sauce
12x pastry cases
1x selection box of chocolates
1x salted caramel pudding

Mince pies
4 deep fill, vegetable suet topped pies.

These tasted, in my opinion better than usual mince pies (maybe it was my lack of concern of future consequences!) They were really filled with a beautiful mixture and the topping was crisp.. no soggy bottoms to be found! Unfortunately, after saying about them, I ended up sharing the rest! 5 star reviews all round. 

Gravy granules, vegetable rrp £1.80

I enjoyed the gravy, I rarely use granules or instant gravy, and usually make my own. This was nice, obviously not a strong meaty taste, but it had a good flavour and took literally minutes to make! It got a thumbs up from my two helpers! Tesco also stock a beef version.

Bread sauce rrp 35p per sachet

I’ve never had bread sauce before (yes, I’m 29!!) So I wasn’t sure what to do with it… So being irritatingly creative, I decided to turn it into cauliflower and broccoli cheese by chucking in a few chunks of cheddar… Brilliant. Apparently it was better than usual, and I’d have to agree! It took minutes to make and had a really good flavour!

12x pastry cases

I’m yet to use these, I’m still coming up with ideas to go in them (i have far too many) but they’re a great idea, especially for parties!

Selection box of chocolate: rrp 40p per item

1x white buttons
1x milk buttons
1x milk and crispy bar
1x milk bar
1x white bar

When ever I’ve tried dairy free chocolate it’s always a bit weird. Its just not the same. However, I liked the buttons in the pack! They were chunky and you got plenty! The bars however tasted a little powdery, I would rather not of eaten them! That might be my tastes, and this would be great for kids, especially during Christmas.

Salted Caramel pudding

This was by far my (and the helpers!) Favourite! I could have eaten it all by myself! It took 2 minutes to prep, tasted like any regular pudding! Delicious, just delicious.. although, next time I’m eating it when no one’s at home!

Having tried some of, and looked at the full range from Tesco online, I am amazed. Not only that some of the prices are so low, but at the extensive range from brand names to basics. The flavours are lovely, whilst some could be tweeked. This was a good experience!

Thumbs up Tesco!

Love Sooz x

The items I tried were sent to me free of charge. That does not affect my opinion.

To sign up to Tesco Orchard click here 

For Tesco’s free from range click here 

For wheat free from suppliers click here


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