My name is Discovering Sooz and I judge people.

I see posts all over social media, with little messages about not judging others…. And I like them! However…

In my brain I’m practically Judge Rinder (or Judy if you’re in the U.S), I’m that judgey!

My internal judging is usually accompanied by numerous questions:

Why would you do that?
What are you doing?
Who are you trying to fool?

I talk about social media a lot throughout my blog and I see some pictures/profiles and I know those people who are sharing pictures or status’ that are absolute bulls**t and it annoys me.

By now you’re probably wondering why its any of my business… I am too, believe me!

I’m not perfect, no where near, I wonder what makes people make the choices they do. I was about to write, I wish some people could see, but, they’d only be seeing from my point of view, and I can’t see from theirs.

Sometimes it’s a fleeting “wtf” others I actually really think about.

Does everyone judge at some point?

I wonder if I’m less judgemental and more just incredibly nosy. I like to know what’s going on, my mind tends to create the worst case scenario, or maybe I should realise that everyone is a little judgemental, and I’m also incredibly nosy!!

Maybe it could be a New Years Resolution?

Love Sooz x


34 thoughts on “My name is Discovering Sooz and I judge people.

  1. Sooz, I can really understand your perspective. I was/am there!? I think is both! The judgement exists in all levels of our life – and it goes both ways. We can be judged for our appearance, we can be judged for our work, we can be judged for everything! The thing is that, when we feel uncomfortable with something, we also tend to be nosy! I think is all about finding your inner balance! I am still struggling with it, sometimes! :p Think of what is important for you and focus on what you believe is true! There is no correct or wrong opinion! I mean everything is arbitrary, anyways!

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  2. I tend to err on the side of caution with people. I think it was Ronald Reagan who said it about the Russians. “Trust, but verify”.
    I’m quick to friend but VERY quick to drop people that break that trust in my eyes. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a ‘One strike and you are done’ but I can be very judgey about things. I think we all can, really.

    But here is the thing. You HAVE to be judgy in life. Ok, maybe you can take it too far… But how else would you protect yourself from toxic people?

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    1. I completely see your point, I’m a quick friend, but sometimes I give a little too much benefit of the doubt. It takes me a while to truely ‘drop’ someone! Happy New year dude! Looking forward to seeing your comments on the other side! Love Sooz x

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  3. There is an annoyingly thin line between being judgmental and nosy, one which I jump across every single day! I think we are all, as my counselor would say, “bigoted” towards certain people. It’s a growing edge, for sure, but it’s one everyone has, even the ones who plea for tolerance! Haha all that to say, you’re not alone; it really is a struggle for everyone willing to be honest about it 🙂

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  4. It takes all sorts of people to make a world Sooz, and we can’t all be the same. I’m probably the least judgemental person I know. Always give people the benefit of the doubt. I take them at face value and don’t look any deeper than that. Sometimes I get bitten on the arse. However, you only get two chances with me. Screw me once, i’ll forgive but not forget. Strike two and you’re out. Maybe i’m too harsh there but some people!! Honestly!!!

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  5. Haven’t read responses , but I’m guessing it’s people who agree with you . Haha . As I do , being in NYC often , it happens all the time . Some abnormal people there . But I’m working on it by saying it’s their life their choice . I just wouldn’t do that :p

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  6. I would venture a guess that yes, everyone is judgey sometimes. I think we often have a different internal monologue going on while we go about our lives and sometimes that voice is judgemental or mean. Choose to let it be or try to eradicate it – whatever works best for your life. 🙂

    And I think writers just are often incredibly nosy people. Reality makes the best fiction, right? (When re-told as fiction, not as reality tv show)

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  7. I believe that even those of us who go to great ends to avoid judging others do so at some point. it’s an inevitable part of being human.

    I personally think it’s what you DO with that judgement that matters. do you embrace it as Truth, the “end all, be all”? or do you give room to other observations and opinions? do you therein treat the person in a particular manner? or do you endeavor to treat all equally, no matter your predisposition?

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    1. That’s really given me something to think about! I do take others opinions/views quite easily whilst always keeping my own views in the back of my mind. I endeavour to treat everyone nicely…. Thankyou for your comment! Love Sooz x

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  8. Hi Sooz, I just joined your blog. Yes I agree with most of your followers that most of us judge (though sometimes only in our minds). It’s human nature. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to and talk about on your blog in 2017.

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  9. Reblogged this on I'll Tell You When I'm Ready and commented:
    Sooz, just today at lunch with a friend, I said I have to stop judging people! Really! I think the healthiest thing I can do to reduce judging others is to turn off the volume on so much of the drivel around us, and I don’t mean just political talk. To have a moment or two of quieting, in-and-out breathing, makes me feel more energized. You are not alone, Sooz. Write again if you like. @LatelaMary

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    1. I really like that idea. I think media draws us in. Worst dressed colums, what should we be eating/wearing/doing. Make us all judge ourselves and others by unrealistic standards! thanks for the reblog! Love Sooz x


      1. Analyzing is another word for judging. It means you’re smart. It means you can take a point of view and detect how another is the same or different. It doesn’t always imply better or worse. I analyze, too, and it got me a phd for my trouble. When I divorce the good-bad-right-wrong from it … it can take me anywhere. IMHO … sorry for such strong statements … I’m pretty passionate about this, especially for women (who sometimes are called “judgemental” when they’re really just being smart.)

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  10. Hi! I saw you liked my poem and started following my blog! I’m humbled, thank you 🙂 Your blog looks interesting, I feel compelled to snoop nosily through it myself! ;D Being judgmental seems to be a continuous withdrawal many take, regardless of our efforts to think outside of it!

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  11. Great post. I think we all judge whether we realize it or not. Thanks for being honest and real. We all show our best moments on social media. It is much more rare for people to write or show their struggles or when they are down. Everyone wants to show the best side of them. We are all human beings so have light and shadow sides. We all struggle and have to accept all sides of ourselves.

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  12. I figured by now you would be so small that you would have to run around in the shower to get wet. I never have to judge people, they do that to themselves. The people who pre-judged you in the past and said you would fail, no will power or character! Where are they now? You will never meet a hater doing better than what they hate. Old proverb, if you spot it, you got it. Peace, Marshall

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  13. I’m guilty also. I like to think I’m more of a fruit inspector, but very often I toss pieces aside merely because of my mood in the moment. Sometimes take backs are good 😉 . Do you suppose the main thing is to weigh our thoughts and opinions against those of others we respect, but to not fall into comparing ourselves with them? Good post, Sooz!

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  14. Can I just say, I love how real you are! Putting something like that out there is such a risk and haters feed on that. Kudos to you because you know what? You def aren’t alone. Everyone judges even if it’s just a little. Anyone who says differently is lying. Even in this comment im judging! (of course my judgement is “get it girl!” But that’s not the point) 😉

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  15. I suffer with mental Illness which I am starting to try to share via blogs. I often get judged. Even by my partner. It’s unintentional. He does care and love me and I get that, but how can someone understand something and be able to fully accept it without ever seeing or knowing what it’s really like. I do remember as a kid always seeing the “crazy guy” that spoke to himself down town. Now you realise. He just needed help and nobody cared to help me get it. Love this post. Gets you thinking ❤️❤️

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