Periods and PMT!

This morning the dreaded- I say dreaded, but I’m always happy in a strange comforted way- my period arrived. After a week of wanting to eat anything and everything in sight, and wanting to rip the head of anything that spoke!

I’ve always had a really weird relationship with my monthly gift from mother nature.

My period first began when I was 12 at a national swimming competition- great timing, I was also sharing a bed with a friend 😱! I felt so sick, and my poor dad had to find a shop that was open (this before shops opened regularly on a Sunday) and he came back with a bag full of possibly every sanitary product Boots in Coventry sold!

I spent the next 3 days throwing up- apparently due to the shock of all of the hormone changes. Some people are excited about their first period at that point, if I never had another I would have been thrilled!

Every month it arrived at a different time, which as a teenager at school it was frankly the end of the world, and my moods swung like an out of control pendulum! Which combined with my mental health issues was painful for all I encountered to say the least!

I don’t think I ever mentioned my periods to my parents ever again. I think that embarrassment from the first time put my walls up so high, I think its so important to talk about now, but then, I was embarrassed. They were embarrassed. 

By late high school, I still just hadn’t gotten used to it. I started taking the combined pill for both types of its use. That didn’t help, but I found if I took 2 packs back to back I could eliminate it all together! win! 

Up until 2006 I did that… Almost 3 years, then I moved onto the progesterone only pill, as I had gotten too fat for the combined. That stopped them completely! At that time I really didn’t care about myself at all.

I was happy at first, no pads, tampons or pms… But in their place weight game, horrific acne and weirdly I missed having a monthly period. Since 2006, it has never been about knowing if I was pregnant, thankfully!

Due to the excess progesterone, when I did decided to stop the pill and my period returned two years… Yes TWO YEARS later, there were many large lumps of excess skin like tissue which was apparently normal. It was a shock to my system.

Getting a regular period back was literally like starting all over again! Knowing what pads to buy. Working out my cycle, and coping with my pmt! 

Now at age 29 I finally feel comfortable with my period, I know when it is, I know which medications- both prescribed and over the counter- work for me. I’m happy not taking pills to control if/ when I have one. They may not be as carefree and wonderful as the television adverts portray, and frankly if I could Just lay an egg once a month I’d be ok with it. I hate the blood aspect! 

Ignoring my period is the worst mistake I ever made and not looking after myself. If I could go back and give myself some advice, it would be to relax, it will get better. That and NEVER EVER forget to take a tampon out.. I did once, it ended in me in a&e with a nurse at the end of the bed with a camping torch… I wasn’t sure if I was going to die of embarrassment or TSS!

Love Sooz xx


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  1. Kalamain says:

    Both my wife and daughter are on Depo-Provera and they are both very happy with it.
    To say that my daughter was ‘kranky’ when on her period was a bit of an understatement but now she is 1000% better and, happily, doesn’t have the weight issues.

    The wife has been on Depo since after the minion was born and only had a short while NOT on it (3 months) before she became pregnant.

    Obviously as a male living with 2 females… I’m so very glad of the jab. B-)

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    1. Haha! I can imagine your joy! Love Sooz x

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  2. guppydoras says:

    I have the same lovehate relationship with mine as well. First 2 or 3 days are usually hell for me and I have to distract myself with my hobbies. Taking painkillers was only necessary if I have to attend to something important such as work meetings. Other than that, I use hot water bottles and curl up like a cooked prawn. Once in my early 20s, I did not know that my pants had been soaked through so the chair that I was sitting on had a huge stain! My friend quickly told me and I almost fainted! So that is my share of The Moments of Menstruation …

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    1. Thankyou! I weirdly like that not everyone is as grateful as the blinking adverts! Xx

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  3. ToadieOdie says:

    My mother tried to get me on the pill shortly after I started at the age of 12.Too say extremely moody would be an understatement. Too bad that the problem wasn’t the cycle – I have that problem figured out now. Anyhow the pill caused temporary blindness in one eye after one month on it. They immediately took me off it and I’m glad I got my vision back. They said I could never take the pill. I’ve tried others since with similar results. I have given up on the hormone based contraceptives.

    Oddly now that I’m on my mood stabilizer my menses don’t seem so bad. So I do think it was my Bipolar (which incidentally, for most people, tends to hit right around puberty too) that was making them hell. Well yes I still get grumpy but not that grumpy anymore – as in “I’m the Hulk and should be thrown into the destructo cave.” Now it’s more like “do not talk to me until afternoon when I have had at least 4 cups of coffee by then.”

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  4. Sherry says:

    Great article. I hate my periods. It still hurts on my age.

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  5. I’m glad that you’ve worked things out, at least as much as you can with periods. XD
    I have really unpredictable ones because of my weight and the hormone imbalance that has caused. I hope that losing a bit will help settle them down a bit it the future,
    They’re very random as well, I once had a hellish one as a teenager that lasted for 22 days, where I had to change pads every 20mins to 1/2 hour. It looked and felt like I’d been shot…so that was fun.
    Ofcourse I was totally embarrassed about it and never told my parents too. My mam was never very interested in helping me with any of these teenage lady problems Probably from embarrassment.

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    1. Thankyou! I really hope yours can settle down! Love Sooz x

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      1. I’m sure it will once I lose some weight.

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  6. Brilliant Post! Definitely giving you a follow! 🙂 mumandthebandit x

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  7. Good for you! Always happy to read about periods as a normal thing, rather than some kind of dirty secret

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  8. Lisa A. says:

    I used to get long, painful heavy periods before I started taking Chinese herbs and pills. They help regulate it and minimize the cramps. I got them when I went to acupuncture. They are amazing! Pineapple juice has also helped me with the cramps and making it lighter and go away.

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  9. As a young guy, 23, I’ve come to understand periods as a normal life thing for women. I have friends who regularly talk to me about their periods. I’ve even thought about buying tampons and such to have in my apartment just in case something were to happen with them, I’d be prepared. Thanks for your post. Agreeing with an earlier comment, I am glad we recognize periods as a normal thing rather than a secret that could never be spoken about.

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    1. That’s such a great attitude to have! Thankyou. Love Sooz x

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  10. Nat says:

    Gosh, this post reminds me of when I was a newbie to my period. Ugh. It’s so embarrassing, but I didn’t even know how to put on a pad properly the first couple of times even after my mom showed me how to. The result? Waking up with a soaked mattress sheet.

    I don’t have any experience with using meds to alleviate pain during periods when I was a teenager. I used to tolerate the stomach cramps. One time it was so bad I stayed home even though I had summer school (on the flip side, woo-hoo, I got a sick day!). Now as an adult (I’m 27), the cramps aren’t as intense and don’t come during every period. What I’ve noticed is different is I often feel very sore in the area below the mon pubis. It’s a strange kind of soreness, and feels almost like my nether regions are puffy and engorged with blood. Although it’s uncomfortable, the sensation is not actually painful like cramps are. I don’t know what to make of it.

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    1. Periods are just horrific, no matter how you prepare, no teenager is ever fully prepped for the onslaught that occurs! Maybe next time your at the dr, ask just to be sure it’s normal. Love Sooz x

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  11. chattykerry says:

    I have never been happier than when I had a much needed hysterectomy at 45 (they left my ovaries in). Now I am going through the menopause…😆

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    1. Gosh! I can imagine the relief, until the menopause set in! Love Sooz x

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  12. Super. Even as a boy it is very informative. Keeping this in my book mark list.
    Once again thanks for it

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  13. beanthinkin says:

    I’ve recently started a blog and its going to be exploring a lot of different topics because its my primary outlet for thought and we (humans) are complicated creatures with many feelings and opinions, but some of the topics I would LOVE to explore with others is menstruation, feminism, sex health and consent. I think its insane that something that over half the world experiences first hand is still considered “taboo” and would like to start getting it into the spotlight. I only got started o this project a few days ago, and I’m not a pro with blogging or wordpress, so feel free to follow or comment or contact me with suggestions.
    The plan is to start with my own experiences, maybe throw in a few period promotional works, but eventually (when there is a certain level of interest), I would like to start sharing and reblogging other peoples stories and views, through a category called “My menstrual miracles”
    I can see how this would seem like a lot of self promotion, but I really would love to get some support and suggestions on how to break this stigma.
    So check it out (or don’t)
    but keep being badasses, that are taking control of both their bodies and the internet! xxx
    Elizabeth Rose

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  14. Betty says:

    My god that was a funny story ,love that line .Lying a egg once a month.Periods are hard work.I have fibroid so there double pain .But the medics do help.

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