Do to-do lists help or hinder?

I write a to do list every single day. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Sometimes I wonder why I do, is it habit? Or is it because I’d forget I’d I don’t write it down and need some kind of structure to follow?

Maybe it’s a bit of both

There’s never anything super huge on the lists, just basic cleaning or ticking off things as they happen, so I remember the structure of my day. I don’t always have to tick everything off, if I don’t do it, I just move it across to the next day or cross It off completely from that list.

There was a long period where I didn’t have a list, however I cannot for he life of remember if I was more productive or not. Any calls/appointments etc… Get written down or I end up forgetting them!

Do you need a list?

Do you hate lists?

Love Sooz x


26 thoughts on “Do to-do lists help or hinder?

  1. Shopping lists… Yes… (duh!) B-)

    The only other lists I make are planning lists, so I don’t forget to do things… But those are not common.

    I don’t have a to-do list as such. I just do things until stuff is done. Even with my crap memory I can do my daily things!

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  2. I think I have too many lists! My shopping lists are very helpful but I also have lists in my phone about recipes I want to try, books to read, presents to buy… Probably does more harm than good because sometimes I get stressed about the number of lists I have haha

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  3. Like you, I write a todo list every day, so that I keep track of the four or five things I have planned to do. It frees my mind when I dive into each activity of the day, because I don’t need to remember what else comes next!

    Congrats for the positive vibe of your blog 🙂

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  4. Depends on how many items I put on the to-do list and the length of time each task takes to complete. I have an idea before I write them down, so I try to keep list achievable. It keeps me from saying, “Forget it” and sitting on the couch. That said, I do accomplish more with daily to-do lists.

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  5. Cool post! I really like to-do-lists but i just write one if i have a really busy day or if i have important things to do, but i think they can be really helpful.

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