Social Media- Is honesty the best policy?

When I begin writing anything I try my best to be honest, but sometimes I leave out details or people, not because I’m trying to be dishonest but because that aspect is either private to me or I don’t want to include someone else’s business.

I write a blog/Instagram and I know that it’s my choice to be this public with my thoughts. I worry about someone knowing if I’m writing about them in the heat of the moment or about a situation that will pass, but if it affects me, I do generally try and leave out too much detaill regarding the other person involved.

In Instagram photos I crop out, or take it from a different angle so things aren’t visible…. This includes my selfies… Hiding my chinny chin chin! Does everyone do this?

People often say about ” two faced people” but in a none malicious way I’m like Mombi from the return to oz with about 100 heads. Who I am to me, who I am to L, Holly, my family, other people and then there’s my online presence, being me whilst still having a certain guard.

Some accounts on Instagram bare far more than their souls, other lay their emotions bare for all to read.
Whilst every individual is different, where does it stop? Or why should it stop?

I’ve recently seen a girl called a slut for a slightly provocative photo.
Or another absolutely berated for their food choice!

Gosh, this is definitely one of those blogs where I ramble on…and on…and on!

Is honesty the best policy where social media is concerned or is it better to always maintain that guard?

Love Sooz x


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  1. Slim Wedge says:

    I think there is difference between blogging and social media. I see a blog as a diary, where as I see social media is a running commentary of someones’s life, often mundane / tedious / pointless. Oversharing.

    When someone writes a blog post, it is written with feeling, usually proof-read and submitted with care and consideration. Social media posts are more often than not spur of the moment, and often posted without thought.

    I prefer blogs to social media. I keep my Facebook account open to stay in touch with the people I care about, but I don’t actively go on Facebook. I read my Twitter to stay up-to-date with current affairs. I am starting to dislike my Instagram more and more, as I’m finding it’s just a photographic version of Facebook. This whole “photos or it didn’t happen” mentality. I love taking photos, but they are for me as memories of a great day out, not fodder for a commentary of my life online.

    Sorry, I seem to have had a little rant there. Where best to have one but online eh? 😛

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    1. Thanks for commenting! Don’t worry, I didn’t read it as a rant! I have all the media’s…. Blogs are much more in-depth. Where i do actual research etc…. I am guilty of photographing pretty much mu entire life on Instagram, and my personal Facebook is for news, my Facebook and Twitter pages are for my blog…phew! Love Sooz x

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  2. Kalamain says:

    I don’t do Facebook because too many people I know use it. I am more than a little on the fringe when it comes to my thoughts and feelings so what I do is keep them separate.
    My gardening blog is under a pseudonym. Most of my on-line activity is under a pseudonym. I deleted my old facebook account when they insisted that you have to use real names. I don’t want my real name out there because it affects my family and friends.
    I have now also stopped using twitter because of it… That and the fact that twitter is going the way of Tumblr now.

    Yes, to answer the question “Is honesty the best policy” but only in certain circles. Know your audience and NEVER use your real name unless you only ever post benign stuff.

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    1. My name is a shortened version of mine… Quite a few Facebook.people know it’s me! I’m ok with that! But I get that the social media’s are all merging into one! Love Sooz xx

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  3. piratepatty says:

    I think you can be honest and maintain your personal space and privacy at the same time. As for pictures, I am the same way. After 5 stalkers in 3 years I am pretty leery of getting too personal. I once posted I was in hospital and a guy from Twitter wanted to know what room I was in….I share what I am comfortable sharing and nothing more.

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  4. Wow, great food for thought. As someone who has only recently joined the blogosphere and am still completely lost in space I’m not sure if I have anything of value to add as yet. Suffice to say only time will tell if I will be able to be comfortable enough to share any blog posts I may do with anyone I know. I use FB for travel pics and motivational shares mainly. I like the idea of having a “timeline” of what is happening in my/families life for my future grandchildren to see. Almost like a modern take on the family tree. Twitter I use for business.

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  5. PTcontender says:

    Love the Shakespeare quote :)) totally agree!

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  6. I’ve learned to steer clear of social media. It does things to my mindset that just aren’t healthy. “I should be more like him” or something along those lines pop up in my mind when I see some of those profiles,statuses, or images. There’s only one of us and we have to accept who we are with all our flaws and all our imperfections. Unfortunately, most of society doesn’t see it that way and you have to be perfect in THEIR image of you. Just know that you already perfect.Perfectly yourself, Sooz😀

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    1. That’s really sweet! Thankyou! Love Sooz xx

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  7. PattiP0414 says:

    I operate by the mindset, “never put anything in writing you do not want someone else to read.” It does not matter what platform is used. If I write it, I do not care who reads it. And if I write something I do not want anyone else to see, it will be kept private (blog) or just not posted (Facebook and Twitter).


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  8. I tend to avoid putting things online I don’t want people to see, but I keep this blog anonymous for the most part and when I’m talking about other people I use only a first initial and sometimes it’s the first initial to their nick name, mostly to avoid anyone taking my stuff the wrong way. A few people on here know who I really am, but not many of them. I am however a very blunt person and I will tell you the truth straight up from my POV. When don’t want my words to start issues I tend to just skip commenting on facebook and other social media sites.

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  9. shanepedia says:

    Social Media is nothing but a digital way of Gossiping..

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  10. angyjenks says:

    I like that.. a lie doesn’t become the truth..

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  11. Paula says:

    I have decided this about using social media and blogging: Nothing is private. I say this about blogging, even though some believe that if it’s on a blog, it’s not “social.” When I check my statistics for my blog, I see traffic from all over the world. I see people who have found me because of a single word which may have been found in a Google search. These are not followers; they are ‘finders.’ Therefore, my blog hasn’t been private since the first day I posted.
    There are ways to make a blog private so no one but you or a few chosen few can read it. But, trust me on this, it will never be protected completely because of internet searches.
    I try to use good judgement no matter where I post my writing. There was a learning curve for me and these days, I realize I need to think about thirteen times over before I even consider commenting, posting or tweeting. I’m glad there’s an ‘edit’ feature on FB, a ‘delete’ feature on Twitter and my own conscience when I need to ask myself if posting is wise.
    I have a goofy sense of humor, so most of my FB friends know I won’t always be serious. As many of my friends enjoy those posts as those who enjoy the more serious stuff. Friends also know if I want to have a conversation with them about something private, we keep it private. But, alas, sometimes people believe it’s okay to justify their posts and comments with “Well, I’m just being honest.”

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  12. I think you need to be cautious with social media. Far too many scary people out in the world.

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  13. Can I just give you props for knowing Return to Oz? You are literally the only other person I have ever met that has heard of that movie. I am a diehard Oz fan!
    As far as social media goes, it’s all just drama. I used to be addicted, but now I just post the occasional update so friends and distant family can see how my daughters have grown.

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    1. Return to Oz is my favourite! I saw that before the original wizard of oz! Glad to find a fellow fan!
      Love Sooz x

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  14. John Sade says:

    I am.also very wary of posting my whole life on visual social media sites such as instagram. I find myself cropping photos or editing them to be less visible. I think honesty is desirable, but not all the time.

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  15. Great quote by Rick Warren.


  16. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    As someone who has a small but strong internet audience and who like you is very open online, I can tell you that I don’t bare it all either. I keep my blog to more about me, without overstepping the privacy of my friends and family. I’ve asked for permission to write about some aspects of my life, even to some people who I haven’t really talked to for years and kept those topics more about my experience than full on details of what the other persons role was in my life. I think over sharing is a fine one though, I worry that I repeat myself a lot on my blog and that people would get sick of it though so I guess it’s a fine line.

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  17. I think what you really have to be concerned with is honesty vs. privacy. You hit it when you mentioned you crop photos and don’t talk specifics about other people. I’ve had cyber-stalkers and so I don’t throw my name or any real names anywhere in my own posts. A couple photos of me are there, but not many, and not in my profile. You can be honest and private, because if you go mentioning events and names, a certain someone you write about might not be happy about that, or even someone mentioned loosely.
    So, honesty’s good, but don’t think you’re skirting dishonesty by keeping things private as possible. We’re exposed enough through third-parties and by accident enough as it is–we’ve gotta win somewhere!

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    1. Love your viewpoint, and its very true! I don’t mind photos of me etc… That is very much my choice and I know the risks.

      Love Sooz x

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  18. Nat says:

    As someone who has written blog posts about real people in my life, I do feel paranoid that those people might one day find my blog and realize I’m writing about them, whether my depictions of them are flattering or not. For anonymity purposes, I do use fake names for the people I mention, except my own name, Nat, which is a shortened version of my real name (Nathalie). I’ve only shared my blog link with one real life friend, whom I trust enough to let her read my posts.

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    1. most people in real life know I blog, I don’t mind them reading it. I think then it stops me worrying about someone coming across it if I tried to keep it secret. I think everyone does things for their own reason. Love Sooz x

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