How often does media influence my decisions?

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So, media! Media is literally available from the moment my eyes open to the moment I close them.

I’m someone who sees a new food or beauty product, and I gotta try it! Media probably dictates around 50% of my purchases, whilst media dictated the other half previously and now I’m stuck with them as I like them!

In anyone tv show there are 3-4 advert breaks of around 4 minutes each, showing 3+ ads. During the soaps there’s 8 lots of ads.. showing anywhere upwards of 24 ads… And they go past in the blink of an eye.

In my recent copy of glamour there are 100 pages of adverts, in a magazine of 258 that’s more than a third of full page ads, not including the subtle adverts on each page. That make you think you need something!

Media in my mind is about creating a need, want and a lifestyle. A feeling that whatever the product is… You need it, your life will not be complete without it and you will never live without it again!

I’m writing this feeling almost ashamed that I’m so led by the media. My every day influenced so heavily, whether it’s by social media, tv media or radio media. Social media gives me ideas from what pictures I take, the food I eat, what I drink, how I sleep…. Literally everything and with both Pinterest and Google being my go to searchers, I can literally find anything… ANYTHING!

Do we as a culture accept that media can literally control our minds, control what we purchase? we don’t even realise. The newspapers can choose to show something, and hide something else. The media sweep so many things under the carpet… I’m starting to the think Aladdin’s magic carpet might be entirely real!

Before the internet, newspapers and any type of actual media… What did people do? Are we ‘better off’ for having it? Or will media control us to extinction?

Love Sooz x


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  1. Morning Sooz! I watched panorama about trump last night and it’s unbelievable the amount of info the media cut out, therefore showing him to be this immense prickle. Half the sentences he spoke are missing, we only got the see the sensational side of it. Media rule everything, from what we believe, to buying, living, liking and loving. They’re one of the strongest forces in the world and. It to be underestimated.

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    1. I think quite a lot of what he said, was entirely wrong no matter what the context, but I do agree that the media had a whole devil/angel with him and Clinton. Love Sooz x

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  2. kamekam says:

    I think all blogers , freelancers, students, parents … can not stay away from the media, it becames something necessary.
    now i just get up, i check my blog before i make something to eat. good luck !

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    1. I check my phone about 100 times a day it’s not even as though you can function without it in today’s society. Love Sooz x

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      1. kamekam says:

        Exactly what happens to me ..


  3. ustome says:

    As a teacher, I regularly seem the negative influence that social media has: pressure on appearance, pressure to be just on there! Then of course the bullying. I regularly wish for the time when it didn’t exist. The biggest problem is that we cannot trust what the media say and yet they are the biggest forms of communication! Scary stuff.

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    1. It makes for immense paranoia. We teach children to be honest in a world where no one else is! It must be hard for you as a teacherLove Sooz x


  4. Hey Sooz! First off, I love all your post because you are so open with us about yourself and your life. Secondly, I wrote a similar post about media and how much they influence us all. I don’t use facebook,Instagram or Snapchat anymore because of all the things that I feel are brainwashing me. That’s just me personally.Besides, I rather spend more time getting to know you and all the other bloggers better ☺

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    1. Thankyou! I really appreciate that! I use so much media, its like I have plates spinning! Love Sooz x

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  5. Kalamain says:

    I don’t watch TV any more. I do watch a lot of YouTube though. Yes, the media DOES drive us… Up to a point. knowing how advertising works and how it affects your brain (Seriously, watch an advert for the first time then watch it again with the sound muted) It’s amazing.

    Not only that. But a TV channel like the BBC, you would trust it, yes? And so you believe everything they tell you in the news, after all they wouldn’t lie to you would they? Anything they *don’t* tell you must not be important. Like Time4Tea said above me in the comments.
    NOT being told important bits can give you a whole new view on things.

    Also. News media has a bias. If you are going to read/ watch it you should really watch and read from various places.

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    1. I find it so hard to trust what I read, I studied scandals/media when I was at University and it really showed how every thing is manipulated! Love Sooz x

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  6. Totally agree. Sensationalism sells more ratings than not. And as far back as I can remember (lol) news was news, not this over glamorized fake crap we have now. Even my poor mom does the whole, “omg how terrible” every time she just watches the daily news. 84 years old and I have to keep reminding her, ‘mom, it’s bad but remember, they are telling you its bad’. 😦

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    1. True! It’s only got worse because we know about it! Love Sooz x

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