When the outside gets in!

When you write a blog I think the title might be the hardest part… Trying to Sum up an entire piece with about five words max.

This one was hard… My mental health massively relies upon me not letting outside influences get inside my head, as sometimes once they’re in there, they turn into an anxiety!

When I worry about others, it generally invokes my worst case scenario thought proccesses… A Facebook post leads me to think someone close or a pet has died (nothing remotely like that happened) a knock on the door, a text or a call makes me think horrific things worthy of a horror movie have happened.

As soon as anyone leaves this, or their own house, I’m terrified something bad will happen. But, that never transfers to me. When I go out, it’s fine, its ok!

Whilst that’s difficult, it’s manageable. What I find hard is when someone knows you worry and manipulates it to their advantage, knowing how much you worry, they use calls, texts and status updates to keep both me and others under an imaginary thumb.

Their life is like watching a car crash into a wall, then reverse, then crash and they want pity, they want anything you can offer.. but each time they’re back in the driving seat they crash the car.

I’ve slowly learnt to really put the brakes on my help, my concern and my care (to their knowledge anyhow). I have to. For my own sanity.

I work hard to keep negative influences from getting into my head. It’s a Labour of love, and its bloody hard.

It’s important, I look after me and my mind, my stability.

Love Sooz x


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  1. My daughter suffers with this type of anxiety also but as she’s only 20 has not learnt how to deal with it. From a very chilled and relaxed mum, I find it so hard to watch. I’m sorry someone has worked out how to use this against u Sooz, they should be ashamed xxx

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    1. I’m so sad your daughter has such anxiety. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Thankyou, love Sooz x

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  2. Kalamain says:

    Have you considered blocking or at least muting this person/people?
    This way YOU get the power. You can still read the persons timeline as and when YOU want but you can avoid it if you know there is an issue.

    Don’t let the bully win. Better yet… Don’t even play their game.
    People only have power over you when you allow it. So don’t allow it.

    Good luck. Teaching my daughter this has been the single biggest problem we have ever had, so I know how easy this ISN’T…

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    1. It’s one of those…. It would create far more hassle to ignore, they”re quite close you see! But it’s definitely worth working out ways to push them to the edge of my mind etc….

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