#NoJunkNovember update 2

I would love to say it’s going spectacularly well..

It’s not all bad. But not all good!

Being poorly has meant I’m eating what I fancy.

Yesterday was a plate of roasted veggies, chicken and gravy and dinner last night was a bowl of cornflakes!

Exercise is officially out… I can barely breathe without coughing!

I’m staying extra hydrated though!

I have had some chocolate… However stuffing my face isn’t really possible!

I’m just floating by… No meditation etc… Has happened, and obviously I haven’t spend anything on anything other than cold remedies and basic food items!

I hope my next update can be better!

Love Sooz xx

Food pictures from this week


9 thoughts on “#NoJunkNovember update 2

  1. Ok… Stupid question time. (No insult intended, promise!)
    Are you dealing with your type of cough… Or just dealing with coughing in general?

    The reason I ask is that different types of cough get treated differently. And many people don’t know what type of cough they have and why taking the wrong meds don’t help!
    We had a friend that was complaining of a cough that just wouldn’t go away and it was because he was taking meds for the wrong cough and it was making him ill. >.<



    Feel better! B-)

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