Moisturising… A vicious cycle or a necessity?

 I realised, I moisturise top to toe, twice each day and my hands about 5 extra times!

But my skin still feels dry! If my moisturiser is too heavy, I get all spotty, if it’s too light my skin gets super dry. I’ve tried every moisturiser on the shelves… Gel, spray, light, heavy, hand cream, built in fake tan, body butter, body lotion, unscented, scented, natural, poundshop, expensive…

It’s like the more I use, the drier my skin gets… Yet if I use a heavier moisturiser I get spotty! Will it never end….?

Is it a vicious cycle, once you start does your body seem to need more and more?

What do you use and how often?

Love Sooz x


15 thoughts on “Moisturising… A vicious cycle or a necessity?

  1. Sooz, my lovely, you need Emu Oil. Honestly I’ve suffered with the driest legs ever for years, they never tan, I can exfoliate, moisturise, the lot. Nothing has ever worked before. I have the details if you want them, 100% fantastic stuff. Let me know if you want the info babe x

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  2. Before I start this you have to remember that I am male… My skin is TOTALLY different to yours in so many ways…

    Saying that… I moisturise daily on my hands, arms and scalp because I have psoriasis and if I don’t my skin soon looks like the desert in the image at the top! Not only that but I am outside with my hands in the soil a lot and that can leech oils from my skin.

    One other thing that I do is to use rolled oats in my bath water. Not sure if it will help you any but it won’t hurt at all. In fact if you do the drop of oil in the bag version it would be better.

    While it does work for *ME* it is not guaranteed to work for you.

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      1. LOL! No… Just a person with issues. B-)

        BTW… I found that applying moisturiser is MUCH MUCH better if you do it right after getting out of the bath/shower.
        Gently pat yourself down to take off the worst of the water and then apply the moisturiser.
        Don’t rub yourself dry… That is really bad!

        Oh… And if you are like me you will need different moisturisers. One for your scalp, one for your face, one for your your general body and one for your hands.
        HOWEVER… The reason I have a different one for my scalp and feet are Psoriasis related reasons… You may not need those.
        Have you thought about talking to a pharmacist or a dermatologist about it?

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  3. I have found naturaloils to be very effective. Olive oil, vitamin e oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, or avocado oil are great options. Wash your face, exfoliate twice a week and use one of these oils daily. Just use a quarter size amount of each.

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  4. So… I don’t moisturise very often at all and aside from my eczema that is food related my skin is in excellent condition. I don’t know if that’s related though

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  5. My two bits here…I think our skin goes dry if we haven’t hydrated ourselves enough (with plain water, and nothing else)…and also if our diet lacks the good fats…to that end, I have found water fasting for a day in a week helps, as does including ghee, butter, coconut oils in our diet..I try the Johnsons’ baby oil or coconut oil just after showering to help with moisturizing (esp in winter months)
    Just stopped by your blog today btw, and will keep returning!

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