Being poorly

This week I’ve been extra poorly with (I assume) a viral head cold that began with a ridiculously sore throat!

It’s now transformed into something from the middle ages… No, I’m exaggerating! I just feel absolutely putrid!

However, whilst I’m feeling ridiculously sorry for myself, I was thinking about how being poorly really affects me. I’m not a get up and get on with it kind of girl, more a wallow in my own misery until the illness subsides!

Mentally, it begins with hate-
I hate all suspects who gave me this vile illness.
I then move on and hate every daily task I have to complete
Then I hate that I don’t have a maid, even though they would irritate me!

After hate comes feeling sorry for myself-
I try and remember the last time I could breathe through my nose
How long between coughs
I promise not to take my throat for granted ever again!

I’ve thankfully passed those stages and I’m now on the ‘I feel God awful, but lets do everything I can to feel better’ road!

So I’m taking proper sprays/tablets and drinking warm drinks, keeping my vitamins up and staying warm. Until it passes!

So…. How has it impacted upon #nojunknovember? …. Check out my update posted on 12/11/2016 at 8:30am to find out!
Love Sooz x


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  1. Kalamain says:

    I have to say that when I get ill I take two paracetamol and go to bed…. For 24 hours.

    Yup… I sleep my illness away! I guess I have more of a bear in me than I care to admit!

    At least I don’t whine and mope about the place like I did when I was younger (Something my wife is eternally grateful for!)


    1. I’m horrific, I swear I get man flu! I’ve spend most of today in bed… Which is killing me, in a bid to feel better! I currently have half a natures pharmacy to help! I can’t sleep very well, as I can’t breathe in or wake up coughing!

      Love Sooz x

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      1. Kalamain says:

        You can’t have man-flu…You are missing the required bits! B-)
        Can you sleep sitting up? Some people can’t do it, but it is better for your breathing if you can.
        I don’t take any drugs very often so 2 Paracetamol and I am out like a light!

        I hope you get over it soon!
        Don’t forget to eat and drink! B-)

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        1. Haha! I’m trying sitting up… However the noise I make snoring is apparently quite disturbing!

          I rarely take meds other than my prescribed pile! I’m sure I’ll be right as rain in a few days!

          Love Sooz x

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  2. Hang in there, Sooz. Feel better, sunshine!

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    1. Thankyou! Love Sooz x

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