Chemicals in beauty

I’m writing this blog in the bath… I squeeze them in everywhere, but I’m bathing in chemicals… Doesn’t sound appealing does it?
Soon I’ll wash my hair in chemicals, my face, brush my teeth with chemicals, condition my hair with chemicals, then once out of the bath moisturise with them!

Reading the backs of products, from the moment I get up… In any one day I can use/ingest 1000’s of chemicals… That I happily put on or spray into the air.

My Pantene shampoo has 29 ingredients and only two of them (Agua and Linalool) sound anywhere near natural!

My Clean and Clear face wash has 21 ingredients… All sound like they should melt my skin off rather than clean it!

My Palmolive shower gel contains no less than 32 ingredients…

Is it time I looked at natural alternatives? Or do I only buy these because they’re cheaper and easier?

How do you feel about chemicals on your skin?

Suggestions Welcome!

Love Sooz xx


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  1. I often spend far too long trying to read all the ingredients on products whilst shopping. I tend to buy ones that haven’t got limonene in them as I know that this fragrance once exposed to the air turns into formaldehyde. In small amounts this is neutralised by things like plants, however because this ingredient is in practically everything, (Check toothpaste, deodorants, shampoos, make-up, cleaning products…) I try to limit our exposure. I won’t buy air fresheners, hardly ever use soft rinse and tend to use organic, sensitive skin products wherever possible. This isn’t always possible because of availability or price so I will go for the fewest ingredients as I can. Even make up. I hardly wear it and have bought my first organic lipstick! I have also told my daughter she can use my old makeup occasionally until she is older then I will buy her organic makeup, if she wants to wear makeup when she is older! So in conclusion…! I think there are far too many chemicals in our products and that not enough people think about this and I believe that all this is detrimental to our health and future health, and the health of our planet.

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  2. Life... At Any Size says:

    I’ve been worrying about chemicals for awhile now! I even tried the “no poo” method for my hair last year and lasted about a month haha. The best brands I’ve found are and 100%pure. Juice beauty is pretty good too and they’re more commercially available because they’re sold at ulta. Good luck with your search!

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  3. Life... At Any Size says:

    Oh and the sensitive deodorant from Primally pure is the best!

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  4. Yes! I loved this post. I did an article on this back in school and I was really shocked when I did research. America is super lenient when it comes to ingredients, there are hundreds if not thousands of ingredients allowed in the USA that are banned and illegal in other countries. And the term ‘organic’ is verrrry loose if not a total lie. people need to be more aware of these things and really be informed when picking products.

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  5. Kalamain says:

    I’m a REAL man…. I only use cold water and a cheese grater! B-)

    But seriously… Have you considered making your own soap or buying home made soap? you know EXACTLY what is in it… And you can wash your hair with the same soap you wash your skin with.

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    1. I tried homemade soup (4 kinds) and as I have ridiculously dry/sensitive skin, it’s always disagreed some what! I might have a look into it though!


  6. I don’t know very much about the chemicals in products but it does scare me! I try to avoid anything with parabens in it.

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  7. Laura Bennet says:

    I’m a no chemical girl. A few years of have an immune system shot by mold sickness caused me to change everything about the way I eat and the products I use because everything made me sick. Now that I’m so much healthier, I’m not paranoid, but I’m still very careful. A salt stick works well for deodorant, and I make my own shampoo, face and body wash. My teenage son recently started using my all natural cover up stating “Holy crap this stuff is amazing!!” But he is calling it “pimple lotion” not cover-up. LOL. I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog. You are a brave, wise woman gaining ground in the journey of life. I’m so glad you happened by my blog and liked what you read. I wish you well in your quest of a better way of life. I believe Jesus loves us and wants the very best for us all.

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  8. rukkuwrites says:

    I read somewhere that you shouldn’t put anything on your face (or skin) that you wouldn’t put in your mouth! So from that day on, I have consciously tried to limit my use of chemical based beauty products…and I have turned back to our age old Ayurvedic soapberry for hair cleaning, coconut oil/almond oil for moisturizing, also for hair care; butter,ghee,milk cream, yogurt on skin before bathing, and using gram flour for exfoliating, turmeric, aloe vera as face packs…while it’s not possible everyday, once a week is doable…

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    1. That’s probably quite good reasoning, however there’s probably nothing I use I wold put in my mouth! Love Sooz x


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