Ever since I was a child Halloween has always terrified me. Even going to the York dungeons the staff having to escort a hysterical child (me) out via a hidden exit!

I can read the goriest of books and be fine… It’s the sneaking up, shouting and the lack of personal space (why do they need to touch you) that Halloween seems to bring out!

However, in 2010 that changed… We got a black cat- I say got she appeared (There’s a prudence blog explaining) and we decided that Halloween could be her birthday, as Holly already had (and was actually born on) Christmas Day! So since then, we’ve always celebrated.

Although it’s always been a gathering rather than a party. There’s always a celebratory feeling. This was until Prudence’s last Halloween in 2013, we knew she wouldn’t see another birthday. Whilst we tried to make it special, it was so painful.

Now each Halloween is special, we remember our little Prudies birthday and decorate. It’s not as scary to me any more! I’ll answer the door to trick or treaters with sweets and wish them a happy Halloween!

This year I attempted day of the dead make up… Although I’m allergic to face paint so I lasted about an hour before my face was burning!

We watched Hocus Pocus, ate takeaway pizza and sweets! I went to sleep feeling happy and thinking that Pru would have swiped the anchovies off my pizza in an instant!

I hope yours was as happy!

Love Sooz xx


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