Purrfect Box Review- With Holly’s help! 

Purrfectbox contacted me to ask if Holly would be interested in reviewing a monthly subscription box of a mixture of treats, food and toys! (Canine lovers don’t worry.. there is a doggy one too, pawsome box, with some amazing looking toys in) 

The pretty box arrived, the postie proudly standing on the doorstep holding it (We see quite a lot of him) Holly almost knew the box was for her, or she just thought it was a box and that makes it hers?! who knows! 

A little bit about Holly… Holly is a tortie and white domemstic shorthaired cat. She is 11, and very much a naughty tortie. She was neutered in 2009 and is at a great weight. She is super sensitive to wet food and any additives. 

Holly grew up with a German Shepherd and has many doggy traits for example she’s a house cat, that’s gets anywhere from 1-3 walks daily. She also knows her commands (sit, stay, no, kisses, up, say sorry, what’s this… Etc) and likes to sit in the window and growl! She sleeps throughout the night, usually in her own bed with her best friend- a stuffed rhino she got when she was born

So… Back to the box! 

Upon opening, there was TISSUE PAPER any cat own will tell you that no matter how much a toy costs if it comes in tissue… The toy shall be ignored until the tissue paper has been successfully killed! 

I think the excitement was a lot for Holly, and after over an hour of being absolutely hyper… She slept for most of the day!


A Jolly moggy play fish

Retails on Amazon at £4.49 

This was so far Hollys favourite toy, she uses her back legs to kick it as well as throwing herself around with it. Its quite soft yet incredibly durable! 


VetIQFeline Happy Duck treats

Retails at Pets At Home for £1.39 60g 

These smell lovely. Holly isn’t great at keeping treats down, and usually enjoys some plain chicken. However, I was astonished that not only did she like these, but kept them down! Definitely a must buy for the future. 


CATS cuddly cushion bee for cats

We are keeping this for UK bonfire night, as Holly gets quite scared. This smells like a calming spray we have for her. So I assume it will do the same. I’ve never thought of a calming teddy. It’s incredibly well made and the bee design is so sweet! 


 Trixie malt paste 100g 

Retails at  zooplus for £2.99 however the rrp is £4.99 

Holly’s tummy is obviously super sensitive and although we brush her and she only has short hair furballs are a problem. She had a tiny amount of this and then the next day there was a furball in her litter tray. There was no fuss, so it obviously helped in some way! Definitely something to fit into her daily routine! 


CATS 4x play balls 

2 have a rattle sound two don’t. Holly worked up a serious sweat with these, and has taken to getting her own toys out of the box when she’s ready. I’m glad they stimulate her senses whilst we are out or busy. 


Thrive natural cat food 2x tuna 2x chicken 75g 

Retails at Pet & Country store for 99p per tin 

Unfortunately Holly’s tummy wasn’t a fan of this and so they didn’t go to waste we donated them to a good cause… Next doors cat and Holly’s best friend! Who was absolutely thrilled! He would give them


That’s it for the review of the items and 28 ⭐ out of 30⭐ means it’s great in our book! 

Why not try it yourself for  your cat with a special £5 off voucher code on their website :


 Pop it in at the checkout to recieve the discount. 

To Holly it might have been a box of goodies, but it meant we spent more time together and she got more exercise, whilst enjoying treats that are almost good for her. 

Overall scores

Quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Happy cat ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Value for money ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Toys ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Food ⭐⭐⭐
Find Purrfectbox on Instagram and via their website.

Love Sooz & Holly xx

Although I was sent this box for free that has not clouded my judgement on the products. Any reviews are honestly given. 


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  1. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

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  2. Holly sounds delightful! And yes, I think because it was a box that did make it hers. 🙂

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