Do the seasons affect weight loss

Autumn is well and truely underway, and whilst I relish the cold (My heat intolerance makes me constantly boiling) the seasons make my moods swing like an out of control pendulum, Autumn is currently making me miserable, I’m ridiculously tired and the thought of actually getting out of bed fills me with dread. I take extra vitamins during the winter months and spend extra time in the daylight.

The seasons also make my food intake differ- well less make more makes me crave. The cold makes me want all the carbs, stodgy food and no salad!

Also throughout the summer I take entirely cold baths and showers, I can’t bear any heat on me. Now it’s cold, I have warm ones, but they make my skin breakout until I seems to get used to the heat!

I love seeing all of the different colours and the trees changing. Autumn is probably my favourite season of all…

How do you deal with the seasons?

Love Sooz x


4 thoughts on “Do the seasons affect weight loss

  1. Winter seems to be the worst for me. Interesting about your heat issue. I used to be constantly freezing no matter what but since Raiden was born I’m always too hot. It’s actually easier to be cold!

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