Sweet Freedom review

Sweet Freedom very kindly sent me some samples to try..

Sweet Freedom make choc shot, I’m a spend thrift who will save money wherever I can, and seeing the price originally, I recoiled in horror! However I then bought the coconut one on offer and that’s it I was hooked… It’s the most versatile chocolate sauce I have ever come across, and in my opinion far better than another supermarket brand filled with sugar and an artificial taste.

I have now used each sample and I must be honest, I’m surprised, not only by their versatility but also by the range of tastes, flavours and how much I like them!

All the choc shots have 14 calories per teaspoon, 95% fat free, vegan, free from dairy, gluten and wheat. Purely fruit sweetness all made in the UK!

Spiced Orange- has cardomom Which is absolutely perfect for the cold nights.. I’ve used it for hot chocolate, on ice cream, on a muffin, in plain creme fraiche… And of course out of the bottle! I like that it’s not sickly sweet yet has a really strong flavour, that tastes natural!

Fruit Syrup light- this is similar to agave, yet seems to pack more punch. Although I find it gets lost in my coffee, it’s sweetens my tea and creme fraiche.. I also used it to make Apple sauce and cereal. It has no strong flavour other than sweetness and would be great for baking.

Fruit Syrup dark- I could eat this on it’s own poured hourly into my mouth.. it’s like syrup, rich and golden with a toasty flavour… This is great in my coffee and if you’re making flapjacks.

Choc shot coconut- The first choc shot I ever bought.. it’s like a dark chocolate pourable Bounty.. it’s brings something amazing to the party and I love it. As hot chocolate, over yogurt, in a cake, on cereal (make your own chocolatey cereal) Add it to protein shakes… Seriously I could use this stuff all day!

Choc shot original- this is dark and gooey and feels like it should be bad for you, but it’s not. I used this one the quickest… Cereal mainly and milkshakes. It’s not as sour as dark chocolate, but has a real chocolatey kick to it! When I finished the bottle, I filled it with water and shook to get the remnants out then mixed it into low fat custard powder!

When I write a review, I try and be as honest as possible, and they’re usually products I either like or use often. I pick for negatives and I only have one with this product…

It gets a little stuck in the bottle at the very end… A little water or milk and give it a shake and it all comes out!

It’s rare I don’t find something more to be negative about and I’ve really tried to nitpick… But nothing!

I’ve popped a list of stockists at the end in case you’re curious, but I really would encourage you to buy one… Or two…Or all of them!

Find them on 


Love Sooz x

It’s currently on offer (22/10/2016) at.. 

 Holland and Barrett



With the range being stocked at: 





Co-operative Food




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    Is this really healthy then? 😝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s practically one of your five a day!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Simon says:

        Yeah, I bet lol


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