Meal Prep- what is it?

Meal prepping to me isn’t filling your entire fridge with tubs, planning every morsel that passes my lips and spending an entire day cooking the next week’s food.

For me, it’s whatever I can do in advance, chop some veggies, make mashed potatoes or veggies to top a shepherd’s pie, make pasta in the morning ready to reheat for dinner!

Whilst I would love to do a full meal prep, and for those who do, it’s what works. But there’s no need to feel such pressures, especially if you’re cooking for more than just you.

I usually write a list of meals I might fancy and go from there, there’s no rigid days. I think about what I might cook usually the night before, but life can get in the way!

Remember being healthy is a way of life… Do what fits in with your lifestyle, not what’s trendy!

Love Sooz xx


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  1. Kalamain says:

    Doing food prep can be dangerous in our house. I forget a lot so I often find things left in the microwave that were put in to defrost!. >.<

    Also, when you peel some veg or anything like that, it starts reacting with the air. Not always a good idea!

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