I love Paris…

My love for Paris began as a child.. those horrific trips! 15 hours on a bus, a schedule planned so precisely you’re concerned you have time to breathe?

I’ve been on more trips like those than I can count on. But it was the trip with my best friend that changed how felt, I realised I had fallen deeply in love. Gone were the strict schedules, the forced culture and the group of people you didn’t really want to spend time with and in came culture, love and a romance that I hope will last a life time.

It was like my senses were assaulted but I liked it, a different language, that sounded so beautiful it was like a poem. So much to take in, there’s a feeling you get in Paris that can never be described, the way people dress, the smells, the sounds, the food, the shops… Everything is just… Je ne sais quoi!

Amelie has also fuelled that fire, it’s like my heart is sad it’s not there! I climbed the Eiffel tower – no lifts and Loved every second! 

Sacre Coeur brought me peace, and I absorbed everything, the flower sellers, the beautiful waitresses, the smell of coffee, garlic and bread wafting through the air. Everything seemed distinctly glamourous.

I dream about having an apartment, I can imagine every inch, every picture on the wall, every fold of the linen, every noise outside and every flower on the balcony.

I want to drive and old beaten up baby blue beetle on the crazy motorway around the arc d’triomphe

I long to be there, I long to be parisienne, I long for that apartment.

Je t’aime Paris, toujours.

Amour, Sooz x


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