Chester Zoo 15/09/2016 Review 

Date of visit: 15/09/2016

Arrival time:10:30am

Departure time: 05.00pm 

Method of transport: Cab 

 Ticket price: £20 each 

Number of visitors: 4

 Miles walked: approximately 9 
It was my unbirthday (I was celebrating a few weeks late) and I adore the zoo, but due to both prices and the incredibly long walk, we haven’t been for about two years! 

In this time there have been New arrivals (and sadly deaths), Islands has been built, New enclosures, New species and new food stops! 

We started at my favourite animal enclosure… The elephants! Watching Nandita (the youngest) play with the straw and sand was fun! The elephants look so peaceful.. just getting on with their daily business! 

Next was onto the rhinos, meerkats and Bush dogs. The rhinos were trying to chill out.. by this point it was reaching 25℃ and I was sweating! 

I felt like I was walking on air! Zebras, antelope,Bush dogs, Aardvaaks and Rock Hyrax’s  and then we reached the brand new Islands …. 

Imagine your in the Cheshire countryside and suddenly you find yourself in Asia… Papua, Panay, Bali, New Guinea, Sumatra, Sumba and Sulawesi. The smells, the sounds, the plants everything… It being nearly 30℃ by this point made it all the more believable… If I had, had my bikini, I may have jumped in the river to cool off! 

Panay is bright and colourful with Visayan Warty pigs and colourful flowers. 

Papua has a Southern Cassuary and a large tribal influence… A creaky bridge too, which I was beyond desperate to jump on, and had there not been a man spending ages taking photos. I would have done! 

Bali was the most relaxing! You cross a beautiful stone Dragon bridge, and you can go into a temple. A Balinese startling resides and they have a rather loud whistle, and are quite happy to fly and sit near you! If there was a comfy sofa, I would have been asleep and stayed there for the rest of the day! My only rather minor complaint is that the CD or sound recording has a skip in it! 

Sumatra has the tigers, I was so excited to see them… Got to their enclosure, nothing, walked all the way around.. no tigers. I’m unsure when it’s ok to wonder if there’s Tigers on the loose. We waited.. not even a whisker! Then through two blades of grass we saw them, hiding from the sun in the long grass! Beautiful! 
The Orangutans were making the most of the outdoors by rolling around playing! One thing I noticed, that all of the animals are at a distance where it’s almost like they can’t see their visitors, they just get on with their day, they don’t crave any attention from humans.

Sumba was the only island we didn’t see, it is visible by boat, there are boat trips on a lazy river. You do have to pay extra for those. 

Sulawesi is the last stop, with a street food court, some Tuk Tuk’s Which make great photo opportunities. I stopped here for a loo break (10/10 for the toilets, clean and lovely) and a drink (£2.20 for a 500ml bottle of Vimto) it was 30℃ heat and I had already drunk a litre bottle of squash I brought with me! 

Next was the pathway to food… June’s Food court, but first we had to make stops at the spectacles bears, the tapirs… There was not one capybara in sight! Next were the cheetahs such a lovely trio, all chilling out in the shade… You could hear their purr from the bridge. Then the lions, who were also all asleep in the shade! 


We had food at June’s Food court, I chose a large coke, a Hawaiian pizza wedge that came with pasta salad, salad and coleslaw. Although it was nearly 3pm, it all was really fresh, and the pizza and coleslaw was beyond delicious. As expected at food outlets, it’s quite expensive. But there are cheaper options a big bowl of pasta salad was just £2.00.

Dessert was a Mint choc chip and chocolate ice cream cone, with a flake which was £3.30 and worth every penny! The best ice cream I’ve had in so long! I was like a messy child, by  the time I had finished! 

Finally we checked in on the very playful penguins, the flamingos, the jaguars and my absolute favourites, the sloths! Camillo was feeling rather peckish and came down for some grub! 

 I had no pennies with me, as did anyone else. However a very kind lady gave me a penny to make a sloth keepsake! 

We rounded of the day with the giraffes and said goodnight to the elephants! 

Although on face value, a day at the zoo can seem expensive. It was worth every single penny. Crocodiles, monkeys, elephants aren’t something you can see everyday. Chester zoo certainly is a zoo without bars, and puts conservation and animal welfare high on its priority list. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my unbirthday and Chester Zoo and would by far recommend it to old and young alike! 

Well done Chester zoo! 

Love Sooz x

All details can be found on their Website

We visited without children, and there are many more activities on offer for them! 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ashfranpcos says:

    I live in Chester, and I have only every been to the Zoo twice, once when I was a child, and once about 9 months ago. It’s a brilliant day out, I really need to start going more often.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    I’d love to see elephants again. Saw some in Melbourne but we don’t have any here. Did you see giraffes? They are my favourite. Did you know that Zombie grew up at the zoo! His father was the head keeper and the whole family lived in a house inside the zoo. One April first he woke up to see that the hippos were out and hanging on his front lawn! He spent ages trying to convince his dad over the walkie talkie, because it was April Fools Day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg he didn’t!? That is absolutely amazing! The elephants and sloths are my favourite! yes! We have about 7 giraffes! X

      Liked by 1 person

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